A “brother” in the eyes of a taxi industry online

online taxi industry have been reading a lot, we focus on the product itself, the industry structure is also discussed. But we ignore a group – the taxi driver. As a product of “end users”, his recognition of products, as more important than the rest of the industry. Recently I accidentally had an interview with a taxi driver, his words revealed a taxi App offline promotion of tragedy.

master ma, male, Beijing taxi drivers, age 35 years old. 4 years in taxi industry. He used the Beijing dialect of dense son stated the fact that seemed to threaten a taxi field than to buy online.

“white blind! The APP is white to spend money!”

“burn money” has become now a taxi APP offline promotion means of no 2. Some enterprises in order to promote their own software to send mobile phones, and even to send tablet.

get on the bus I found master ma left have been playing a very “quiet” mobile phone.

“it is a APP to our company, with a number inside a taxi and have installed the software.” Master ma said. Said free to send us a mobile phone, “the team number is already set, in a car, a car, a captain for driving a taxi software inside every day.”

the author found that the mobile phone is a very common TCL smartphones. Master ma said: “this kind of mobile phone, the businessman to confiscate our money. After a company, we are here to promote one gives us a tablet computer, let into the cab. But the thing is too big, very inconvenient. But also charge us 300 dollars deposit and the flow of 25 yuan per month package costs. Finally everyone back on the team, not a person to use, all white blind!”

obviously for a taxi App enterprises “hospitality” master ma totally ungrateful, its promotion effect also cans be imagined.

“no one use! Don’t come to work “

in the teacher’s eyes, some of the leadership in a taxi App and taxi companies, are couldn’t say for sure. The taxi driver to return to the team have a meeting every week, take a taxi App companies will tend to use this machine, marketing your product to the taxi driver. A taxi APP company insider said: “often to such an opportunity, we need to send some red packets to the taxi company” leadership “.” And the actual effect how?

“in fact, we are really tried the software at the time, but really do not have what effect.” Master ma opened a software and show the author. In half an hour of driving, the software does not any response.

at the same time, the teacher told the author, the team now has 20 to a teacher, and only a third of people in the use of the software. And every day on average every taxi driver would “live” 20-30, a taxi by application of passenger less than one over ten, was some “junking”.

“affordable? Don’t to work?”

although master ma for some of these Internet product “cold”, but for a taxi APP enterprise, for offline resources is inevitable, and the taxi driver with which software is often not care. Teacher ma said that these applications are the same in their eyes. The basis is simple: affordable? To work?

1, “affordable” : in the eyes of the taxi, they hope the APP is “free”, here said the main flow and the default hardware deposit. Hope all this is, of course, the drivers don’t money.

2, to work: to attract passengers is the basic function of the application, who can decrease the rate of empty taxi driver who is bound to be used.

master ma said that he run about 400 km on the road every day on average, one 8 of the time is empty (about 50 to 60 kilometers). His greatest hope is to reduce this part of the time of the proportion of total operating time, this is also a taxi he want to try more effective software.

conclusion: burn to die!

the author all, master ma only this car has got a three dozen the App, but ultimately failed to have a confirmation of a taxi App. A taxi in an interview with the founder of the APP, the author learned that “now most of the money spent on offline promotion”. And in the industry, several similar application is market development, in visit several companies, without exception, companies will be further expansion in 2013, and the direction is mainly in the first-tier cities continue to preempt the offline resources, developing more cities become the new market at the same time.

a taxi online market go today, products, passengers, the driver of the three markets did not open, in heavy mode blind to offline promotion, will inevitably lead to a large number of idle and waste of resources. For these “promote with hardware to software” APP with taxi companies old says, its promotion, is really “white blind”.

on the other hand, too much emphasis on offline promotion, will inevitably neglect product experience. Need as a taxi driver and passengers were satisfied products, pour heavy neither side would yield without the user’s trust and satisfaction levels drop.

finally advise you take a taxi the App developers: user experience cattle cattle products! Will only burn will die without buried land!

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