A $600 million investment in weibo, ali is how think?

the evening of April 29, sina announced that alibaba group for $586 million in sina weibo company issued preferred shares, about 18% of the total equity of weibo company. In the future, ali shall have the right to raise its stake to 30%.

cooperation behind, ali through integration and synergy weibo resources, its ecological system is expected to extend deeper social and life again. Analyzes believed that social platforms and the fusion of electric business platform of life, will bring more imagination space to the ali big ecological system.

according to public information, after the cooperation, the two sides will exchange in the user account, data exchange, online payment, online marketing areas such as in-depth cooperation, and explore the weibo, based on hundreds of millions of users interact with alibaba e-commerce platform of hundreds of millions of consumers effectively socialized e-commerce model.

it is thought that to build ecological system based on Internet, first of all, there must be a good platform, taobao is the case. Through cultivating and developing ali in recent 10 years, taobao has accumulated its billions of consumers, countless millions of sellers, third-party service providers, to promote the development of logistics, online payment industry such as high speed. All this constitutes the basic outline of ali ecological system, the ecological system changed the lifestyle of society.

on the other hand, ali current ecological system is still mainly revolves around business life. With the addition of sina weibo platform and fusion, ali the basis of ecological system obtained continue to extension.

sina weibo was socialized social platform, also has hundreds of millions of users. Information on the sina weibo platform rapid transfer, exchange and interaction, more and more social behavior resulting from offline to online. Social platform and electric business platform of get through, will produce superimposed effect.

predictably, ali will appear mutual fusion and complementary multi-platform big ecological system.

in addition, ali from a few years ago to the layout of the wireless Internet. And sina, according to data released sina weibo currently has around 500 million active users, daily active users is 47 million, 75% of active users by mobile terminal login weibo.

ali’s strategy is already very clear – transferred from the PC wireless shopping (flow, data), from shopping to social circle, around the world and created the application scenario, setting up the traffic for perfect application scenario entrance. And sina weibo is will become one important ring in the ecological link. Thus, ali big ecological system also can form PC and wireless terminal through, open up the online form.

in the end, through all of this is the core of big data. Ali group chief strategy officer Ming zeng has said that the essence of ali is data operating company in the future. Alibaba in the past ten years accumulated a large amount of data, and a few years ago it has started to build cloud computing and digital operation ability. These, will be more in the future platform big ecological system to play a more important role.

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