91 how the meat baidu going to eat?

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

two seniors and going up in price, but can’t, meat you don’t have to eat again, baidu buy mentality usually is 91. Now also continue to discuss the problem of the price of meat basic do not have what meaning, than turned to think: baidu 91 how to eat the meat?

li must have been put on the table the dozens of recipes, as to how he is ready to order now, how to eat: I don’t know. I still talk about my thoughts and see on no, if unreliable, when the future.

1. eat entrance first, supplement necessary nutrition

Native App closed nature caused the baidu entry control for information and services, mobile search entry position is can’t established, because this is a blind spot, baidu can meet the information users in this together and service demand, so a big piece of cake and so were gone, baidu, of course, very depressed. Buy 91 although not immediately put this together to solve problems, but at least can create a possibility: since a short period of time can’t get through the application in search, that would probably be curve for national salvation, to control the application of distributed entrance, then slowly figure.

2. application distribution and whole, brothers but’s body a long time

in order to not left behind in mobile Internet PK tournament, baidu’s spent big strength to push their own variety of client products, from the browser, input method, cloud storage, image processing is declining, but the trouble is that baidu is not a powerful application distribution channels do distribution support for these products, these products exist in the battle for the user a unable to avoid. Distribution problem has always been the common fault of the Native App, plagued by almost all domestic developers, or as a good doctor vendors will not be subject to factors such as Native App distribution for Web App, another way to survive. If there are 91 strong support in the field of application of distribution, distribution of product is no longer a baidu problem, so don’t say baidu all products can be the boss of the same kind of position, but the ability and the leader in the field of pull arm-wrestling is very promising. Don’t underestimate the potential, as long as the product surface covered by baidu will appear this kind of situation, the size of the pack, or very dominant.

3 eat developers, everybody is moving into the cloud

baidu is longer than the cloud and weaker than the fact that the developer’s ability to distribute baidu, cash mode skeptical about for a long time, unable to gather developers, form our own cloud ecosystem. Although ming-yuan li many times in the various occasions, baidu’s support for developers conditions, talked about the application of mobile phone baidu distribution ability, but conservative developers because 91 the application of stable source distribution, more than the less, many developers also gave up trying to desire. Can be acquired after 91, baidu from development technical support, ability of cloud, distribution ability, complete closed loop is formed on the mode of cash, for developers, baidu influence nature cannot be the same. This will produce the influence of two aspects: first, baidu’s distribution for mobile phones is bound to make some cooperation and try to developers. Secondly, based on baidu cloud as the core of open mobile platform will attract a large number of developers. If the phone baidu distribution ability recognized, plus 91 itself distribution scale, baidu has more than 360 are likely to become the domestic first entrance application distribution. Similarly, if cloud ecology because of the addition of a large number of developers, benign circulation, has the function of hematopoietic, baidu’s cloud computing platform is a dream realize grasp nature will also be very large. It’s one or the other, into the tickets of baidu is sure to get steady. Of course, for now this is just a beautiful cake, if you want to draw round it, still have a lot of challenge baidu, the most direct challenge is: 91 after the acquisition, how to prevent the loss of developers?

4 and API , how many what “eat”

baidu need developers API (Application Programming Interface), the purpose is to search within applications. As long as developers to offer apis, baidu can use distribution quantity for replacement, the real value of May 91 is here. Open API for baidu, developers, application in search can do it, as a mobile search baidu last on a ring to complete even the entrance. In turn for developers, and if the API between the developers can get through, so no matter from the existing product form, or experience, mobile products will usher in a new change, because the Native App closed information island will break. Specifically speaking, such as from the social point of view, people’s social relations chain can free connection between different social platform, you and your friend’s personal will also be able to realize dynamic unicom, no weibo for a while, WeChat switch back and forth for a while. In terms of electricity, users can search by application in quick to find goods, you want to compare prices, complete the payment, no longer in various e-commerce sites between App enough and shopping experience to pay link will become very easy.

now looking back on it, if the above way, baidu’s money to buy the “flesh” may really not expensive. Because you’re not a rich again in the future, it is no use. So, baidu to spend money to buy 91 more than baidu in paying for the future.