8 hours WeChat walter began to accept reservations sold 210000 copies

today early morning, by WeChat and guangzhou unicom launched the “WeChat wo” customization in Yi Xun SIM CARDS from sale, hunting cloud network see from activity on the page, in the open book 8 hours, about 210000 people to make a reservation.

it is understood that the micro letter walker covers: RMB 10, 300 m micro letter directional flow package give an extra 200 m a year sales promotion period by micro letter directional flow and 36 yuan and 66 yuan for 3 g plans. Users can enjoy exclusive WeChat labels, group, mobile payment, games, expression and other privileges. On August 5th WeChat walker began to accept reservation, went on sale on August 8. Currently only support the purchase of guangdong province, the future is expanded to the country also to see the market performance.

it’s interesting that as a rival of guangdong telecom also rushing out WeChat + weibo exclusive traffic card, only 6 yuan a month, you can get 2 gb WeChat plus sina weibo directional flow.

a few days ago, as a previous sales position has important position in the preheated Yi Xun network, and expand guessing lottery and other activities. From the official online reservation page you can see in the morning, booking number rising, 2 hours to more than 110000, eight hours has nearly 210000 copies.

however, Yi Xun still has not released the specific price of micro letter walker. Yi Xun network operations director south China Han Rui, said on August 8, the specific price will be officially announced, “the price will be very favorable, if consumers choose 66 yuan package that need to be 120 telephone bill to return 360 yuan of money, but Yi Xun net selling price will be far below the price of $120.”