51 personnel turmoil: sole 】 【 COO nic flee Dozens of employee turnover

recently, hunting cloud network readers in micro the letter to this fact, the phenomenon of large area 51 company personnel turn-over, 51 company had left more than 600 people have left more than 600 people. Employee job involves the development, testing, products, operations, markets, etc.

cloud network connection to a 51 insiders, hunting, the person said that dozens of people leaving the company is not explosive concentration to leave, but have left nearly a period of time.

the person described a detail to hunt cloud network, said 51 company annual bonus has no hair. Promise “, the company annual awards over the years, is now in April, year-end bonuses has not been issued.”

it is important to note that otherwise, according to people familiar with the chief operating officer of 51 nic in the second half of last year turnover, unaccounted for.

hunting cloud network has

SNS arrested development, 51 began plotting to web game transformation in 2011, officially started in the first half of 2012, to the second half of 2012, 51 games position has become the cover pool swim swim, since the research pages, client game, mobile phone terminal (made of the new consortium) and so on several games business. According to people familiar with the associated that income is the best.

as for revenue, income in water has been more than 20 million. But compared with many small web companies, the performance is not particularly outstanding, but the years if there is no problem.

in the game just 51 float on the water business, after several days of investigation. Cloud network found hunting, 51 is a piece of the current month income of millions without exposure level but fast-growing business.

a video dating industry veteran small K told hunting cloud network, 51 have a low profile into the video dating industry, in addition to the joint operating v.51.com, 51 companies themselves also separate launched two independent video dating site: 179. com and ku123.com.

to hunting reports coming from the cloud network, according to people familiar with the matter have 51 internal has announced the launch of IPO, is scheduled to land capital market this year, but employees in large scale, to ensure something outside.