360 the ultimate strategy: safety and dividends

on September 23, qihoo 360 at the national conference center hosted the country’s Internet security conference. There are several coordinates can be broadly described the conference: the ten thousand people meeting, top foreign security experts gathered, senior government officials. As 360 qi xiangdong, President in a speech that Internet security 360 is the first brand, 360 companies the ultimate strategy sessions: 360 stick or security.

360 to demonstrate to the world through the conference “muscle”, the organizers also proved from the side, the role of the current 360 1 position in the domestic Internet security industry.

360 empire’s rise is full of controversy, many don’t understand 360 people even think that this company is full of secrets, especially after the $360 market value exceeding 10 billion, about 360 business structure discuss again in the sights of the industry: what 360. Is a company?

security is inexhaustible positioning dividend

computer Ann not safe? In an age of anti-virus software also sell CD, the industry has been out of the notion that the virus is make your own antivirus software company. Later, it turns out, this is not reliable. Large-scale epidemic, such as the panda is made by hackers.

Zhou Hongyi said at the meeting, not one hundred percent of the security of the network. He is “scare” user? Multiple bursts of security incidents in recent years shows that the security of the Internet has become a worldwide issue. International senior network security expert James? Lewis table said on “China’s Internet security conference”, “network times no one is absolutely safe, as if the snowden told, but we can create a more secure network space”.

360 Zhou Hongyi trample a never backward product positioning, on very accurate, so to speak. Security is limitless reserve of dividends.

simple cloud network combing hunting 360 security under the empire’s business structure will find, in fact, 360 basically in each step of the way to eat safety bonus. 360 on security this sword “prevail”.

when doing the 360 security guards, 360 decision by free competition market, the first time the out of the security should be free of a killer. 360 public opinion direction, antivirus software, antivirus software, the free Internet users should enjoy free anti-virus service. While rival jinshan, rising, jiangmin due to the large interest and complex channel, it’s difficult to decide at the moment. So it will be created out of a 360, yourself and others charge time for free. Free antivirus is the key to the rapid rise of 360.

when a browser was introduced in 360, decided to safety as the selling point. 360 public opinion direction is that the browser on the market is not secure, online environment is a serious violation, users should use safe browser installed antivirus software. While rivals, such as the Internet explorer, firefox, also considering whether embedded security module. So, in 360 to build a browser should use safe browser in the voice, 360 made the difference, 360 safe, others still not safe, 360 secured browser has quickly become the domestic top browser.

360 comprehensive search, 360 still calling from a security token. 360 search advertising language is a clean, safe, trusted. Zhou Hongyi privately or publicly repeatedly attacked baidu search results of safety.

a lot of bosses have said that the user has to the world. Started with 360 on security products and derived 360 navigation, 360 browser, search, etc., in the vast number of small white user groups, doing a lot of traffic. And 360 business model is based on these huge traffic. 360 will naturally put the flow used to liquidate.

in the era of mobile Internet, security issues become more complex, certainly will will hold 360 security the fulcrum, despite the relative to the PC to the Internet, mobile Internet business model is very different, but the user, to the world, this rule has never changed.

360 costly to hold the conference manpower and material resources, is still want to give a voice to the outside world: safety, zhou’s boss.