360 pushed the phone play window to the user antipathy, destroy yourself?

“on your phone so forced popup window, can let a person dislike! Why this time ran out failure experience, destroy yourself? Don’t understand ~.” An employee working for weibo the complaints weibo has received thousands of forwarding.

The user posted screenshots show, prison break pop up on his mobile phone version of the apple from 360 mobile guards tip: 360 search by strangulation survival. 7 years accompanied all the way, we need your support now, click on the confirmation for details.

360 users, said although the popup window set the cancellation, and determine the button, but the cancel button was ineffective, poking fun at said 360 can “rape” user at any time.

there are users, according to 360 can literally play in mobile phone users, it fully illustrates a fact that 360 have greatly permissions on the user’s phone.

@ Xiao maple is Chopin: installed after 360 she has been to my open lu jurisdiction, nima I decisive deleted her “installed after 360 she has been to my open lu permissions, nima I decisive deleted her.”

@ _ mushroom Chen: if I were I uninstall 360 immediately. Disgusting dead.

@ wang WX: if true, this mobile phone contact window is bullying nausea mean

@ MeoChan: I fuck It’s too shameless I didn’t expect so… Point of identified even support for him is too shameless

@ real-name accounts: cancel button on the left, determine the key on the right, by default, is to determine the true rascal!

@ autumn ling smoke: see the popup window, I silently uninstall 360 products, deep work with name…

@ tinyfool: someone iOS jailbreak, which wants to be free, then please security software to rape, deserved it