360 film strategy: next or buy fast

(editor: qing nan)


as mergers, 360 will be the eye on the new object, this is a very close ties after fast company.

recently, hunting cloud network learned from investors, the company is in talks to buy 360 fast, hopefully, will be officially announced within this month. But it is unclear what specific size.

this message, hunting cloud network call fast sowing CEO, wang xin is the other side to deny the news, said the news is not true. 360 pr claims without knowing about it.

however, as the online video, especially the high-speed development of mobile video, 360 are also strengthen strategic layout, film and television, was launched last month “film of” APP, hope can make the neck and neck with a mobile phone security guards, assistant of a mobile products.

in fact, the 360 has an unusual relationship with fast sowing. Zhou Hongyi had invested in a few years ago, the company reportedly accounts for around 10%. He himself also has repeatedly appeared in quick play products conference “platform”, the latest is the last month 16 computer “sitting room” at the conference. In addition, the two companies also many cooperation in our business.

fast sowing company mainly has the Qvod player software, quick sowing small square, big screen a few products. Among them, the Qvod player software influence most widely, has been the industry known as “light artifact”. According to company CEO last month, according to wang xin will be fast on average daily active users on the PC is 50 million, and move the end of 20 million. Such a high coverage and high viscosity product is also important to 360 companies.

for 360, because itself does not have the film and television content resource, its main is aggregated video web site and a number of existing content, intention was to build traffic entrance and distribute tools, thus to control the video website of upstream and downstream users, to form the income. In this regard, quick of a few of the existing products and layout strategy compared with 360 in the future.

baidu, compared to 360 in the film and television tool start relatively late, and user base is less. According to the latest figures, baidu video App users has passed, and baidu also recently launched baidu shadow sticks and small TV, and other products, the purpose is to grab the sitting room, film and television market, this also gives 360 form a certain pressure. This perhaps 360 accelerated m&a fast one of the reasons.

coincidentally, 360 companies in late August issued $550 million senior convertible debt, then a analysts say its purpose is to purchase. Were more likely to sogou, nowadays, sogou deal, Zhou Hongyi may put the money in a quick deal.