360 encirclement and suppression of opponents and added a! Lenovo into action

on September 29, the morning news, due to a large number of lenovo mobile users complaint application was quietly unload, lenovo group decided to temporarily withdrawn its app store in 360, all products of the company.

new lenovo group released yesterday afternoon VIBE brand smart phones. In communication with the media, vice President of lenovo group, research and development of mobile terminals division general manager wen-hui Chen confirmed that lenovo’s app store – music stores have rolled off the production line of 360 all products, and make a comment.

wen-hui Chen, said lenovo recently received a large number of users, complaints were quietly unload some built-in lenovo mobile applications. Aiming at this situation, lenovo group decision very carefully to 360 of the company’s all products from the shelves in the music store. These products include 360 mobile security guards, 360 mobile phone browser, etc.

music store shelves move does not mean permanent block 360 of the company’s products. Wen-hui Chen stressed that lenovo shops remained open, currently with 360 company still maintained a good communication.

on September 27th evening, lenovo announced music stores all the shelves all 360 products. Before this, including baidu, tencent, jinshan, sogou, Internet companies have to join the block 360 in the camp, under the companies charged 360, announced that all 360 products. Millet in a public statement accused 360 companies mislead a supermarket unloading millet applications.

“blocked” 360 product numerous manufacturers, with 360 mobile phone assistant has launched “uninstall pre-installed software” function. This feature allows users to understand what are pre-installed software mobile phone, and in the case of for the user to confirm application uninstall,

wen-hui Chen said that from a technical perspective, 360 mobile phone assistant cannot be uninstalled on lenovo mobile application store, but in order not to confuse the user, so the shelves first 360 all products.

on this matter, lenovo group, senior vice President who said the smartphone manufacturers is higher than the third party software vendors have mobile phone operating system permissions, so lenovo mobile security business can do better than a third party.

it is reported, lenovo has made huge investments in mobile phone security business, its mobile security product safety has tens of millions of active users.

liujun, lenovo to invest on software and applications have been five years, and nearly half of the intelligence in mobile phone business investment is spending on the cloud services.

source: sina science and technology, the author: Luo Liang