360 announced the launch of “good” channel The net friend comment on said shameless

this afternoon, 360, chairman zhou revealed in 360 search is testing the good channel. There is no evidence that the good channels of the search results and display page advertising business, but the personage inside course of study that says 360 search into medical advertising is something sooner or later.

after the 360 President qi xiangdong said publicly, “resolutely refused to” medical advertising, said it was abandoned for 360 a “big fat”. “We are not able to make” dirty “money. Enterprise can’t for selfish interests, entrap consumer with these deceptive website.”

360 always take health for this matter to baidu operation, suggest that a large part of revenue from baidu “black-money”.

net friend @ born with xiao dream commentary “there is no denying the fact that medical advertising indeed is the largest profit source search marketing. Say 360 baidu is no good, now, not much. Don’t move his feet with a stone? Well a person shameless to this situation, an enterprise shameless, speechless.”

before early hunting cloud network reported

at that time, 360 official response called the medical advertising is due to access Google advertising system failure.