360 and youdao: behind the high-profile

this paper contribute hunting time by cloud cloud network readers

time a few days ago also in hunting cloud network post said the future of some small search engines will be further marginalized, until eaten by oligarchs or shoved, youdao search is giving face is 360 to “accept”.

netease has strategic shift, focus on developing mobile business. The 360 excitedly said this is the largest of their technology. Both speech is very positive, the former is as if a wave of his hand troops south, pioneering a new battlefield. The latter seems to get the recognition of the broad masses of the people, the present revolution light more bright. But then again, if you think about it, the partnership really make sense?

said netease, first for netease youdao search at this time in the company’s priority on itself has been ranked behind, even don’t throw the youdao to 360 “managed”, netease strategic focus has turned to the mobile terminal.

portal site to do search is largely a defensive products, search to make money is known to all, all want to go to a piece of, talk all about in a few years make it the first, second, “in the next three years youdao to become the first Chinese search engine” ding 7 ), but would not really go bet hard, and besides, they also don’t have much more bets can be.

spell money, search after burn more than twenty or abandoned the universal search, Microsoft is Bing burn money enough to buy a few yahoo, even did a good job of netease game business, where there will be so much money on a also don’t know when to put down baidu search business. Estimated in butyl always eye, pigs can get rich quick, why it’s for the search to continue spending?

the spell channels, portal site to do search started largely in qing portal times, when families browser home page is basically a few big portal, dropping in the search engines out there, the dream of a better future, the natural and normal. But when youdao launch is 6 year, the official version of the online is 7 year, got up very early and catch a late set. Then everyone see things, channel entry into to the browser + page navigation, portals are not portal, netease do search channel advantage has long ceased to exist.

as for technology, basically equivalent to the above said funds, technology is largely need money to support, not enough investment, technical level nature in general. What’s more, whether netease, tencent search or have exits, inside is longer than large companies, not like sogou, they are lack of the soil and growth environment of innovation, there were too many restrictions.

all in all, for netease youdao tasteless, has become a piece of food, one of the points are not unfortunately chicken ribs products, relationship to good 360 send a accommodate them, also let youdao the end result is not during a search. Perhaps youdao for netease’s biggest significance is not what it made, but through it, netease made into youdao translation, youdao cloud notes these future applications in mobile client can operate

as to accept the youdao 360 ? Youdao 0.25% share of the search, I’m afraid a lot or import from youdao dictionary and other products, such a small market share for a more general desire to catch up with baidu 360 , it is small enough.

luo teacher says this time cooperation is 360 0.25% traffic behind, but it really make sense?


and 15.25% , in to hope to obtain higher share to form scale advantage, high bargaining power 360 , the difference is not big, is also a negligible effect on the market.

and I think, the significance of cooperation is perhaps more 360 its own technical strength made a very good public relations, to prove to the world its own search technology is very awesome.

just, this, in my opinion, the meaning is still small. Youdao to netease like chicken ribs, who don’t have too big difference. Because the youdao is not entirely open to 360 , its advertising system or in netease there, used to SongRenQing youdao just a flow pipe. Share in compression to the 0.25% , is limited by the inherent portal import flow, share continue to go down may also is not big, the level of technology is clearly not netease key considerations when choosing partners. At this point, 360 how much it was a bit of take out deliberately to pr.

of course, here is not to say that 360 search technology. 360 search, there are a number of technology, but the progress of the search technology is obviously not able to complete overnight. 360 from 11 years start recruiting team, but up to now 3 , the overall accumulation or lack of depth, want to use the 3 years to catch up with Google, baidu more than 10 years of search technology is studied, and the apparent or some worry, far this example with Microsoft, nearly have tencent search example, search hired wu jun, such as 3 a Google senior engineer, but the final result can only ha ha. That is why in the background technology 360 or in cooperation with Google.

Hitwise the data is also there, qihoo 82% traffic or from channel. Now without too much loss of marks on the search experience, largely from the commercial was not yet started, less advertising, clean page. Purely in terms of search technology and brand influence, 360 need too long. And youdao cooperation neither take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, pour a bit like pull banner ZuoHuPi, strong momentum, perhaps 360 is also very clear in my mind.

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