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3 b war to now also is almost a year now, I’ve always wanted to write about this year baidu and 360 of the gain and loss, just baidu in the second quarter earnings came out today, then through the results from baidu to write first.

baidu in the second quarter net profit fell 4.5%, but the whole, mobile revenue accounted for more than 10% for the first time, and its outlook of the third quarter, in after-hours stock price will be higher.

but perhaps baidu in the second quarter earnings is just part of baidu’s performance this year, a year since last July, baidu’s share price is firmly on a after the first trip on the roller coaster.

but that a fall in together, but can figure out some baidu strategic shift ambitions.

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six months since August of last year, baidu natural needless to say, all the way down the cause of the war, 3 b, 360 took advantage of the channel, got 10% of the search market share market directly for baidu’s expectations.

while baidu’s shares back to the original high not because the performance of the search market, but because of its power on the mobile end.

actually capital market response tends to reflect some of the most fundamental business rule. For a company, and not afraid not now, but be afraid of have no future. Yahoo, though still have a lot of people could only dream of the great flow, but not many people willing to buy stocks, because before she was in office, people can’t see the future from yahoo.

baidu’s ups and downs just also reflects the law of 3 b: at the beginning of the war, baidu’s share price fell sharply for the simple reason that 360 overnight grabbed a ten percent share of the capital market to the expected to rise abruptly, everyone think that baidu will carry not to live, gradually out the part of the market. At that time, the Internet search as a traditional industry in one of the largest business revenue, and baidu’s core business, not in baidu in the search market, share prices will naturally fall.

but from 12 to 13 years, baidu’s shares back to the origin, is 360 search business not line? Nature is not, instead of 360 search share rose a lot, to 15%. Is the trend of the market, more and more investors to realize the great potential of the wireless market, and the PC traditional Internet business is a little bit of the meaning of the past.

in this half year, baidu with the mobile Internet, and achieved good effect, though the wireless business revenue in the second quarter earnings only 10%, but the market for undoubtedly improve the baidu, nature also return to the peak.

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life too, in the peak of the wave, wu jun teacher once with the perspective of corporate gene to analyze the success of a company is a science and technology, this is life. And also, a hero is known in the time of misfortune, more should be the development of a company is to keep up with the torrent of the science and technology, and social development seize the opportunity, the top of the wave.

mixed, get

to go to the baidu this years of success and failure, might as well seize several nodes to be observed. Baidu losing more than a years of investment in mergers and acquisitions to the PC, and in the mobile terminal. Also is precisely this characteristic, make its have had mixed results, or by the ticket of the mobile Internet is more and more close.

say first, best, philharmonic, baidu and purchasing, these all have an obvious characteristic of weiwu belong to wield the teacher said before the middle of the page, similar to the vertical type of search.

baidu is trying to reverse its increasingly become a flow pipe embarrassing situation, also hope to further expand its flow cashability. Although have investment where success (where to go today is also a troublesome), but in the case of their basically has been completed, the current capacity of baidu have advantage can’t converted to beat the jingdong, taobao, 58, even 51 job and zhaopin so little brother, because they have to build up their own trade barriers, received at least one more than three or four into the stability of the share. Stable structure is formed, unless there is a revolutionary innovation, trying to break it from the outside to it is difficult to.

I here is not to say that baidu did these not innovation, but the innovation and the demands of consumers and not against, as if a punch is enough force to play out storage, but empty. In a relatively stable market, the user’s platform transfer cost often has been stretching, and profits also diluted because of the long-term competition, there is not enough or mode of technology innovation, the impact on the existing platform is really big.

and from the larger level to say, when everyone in the layout of the mobile Internet, baidu to great effort in PC, and the difficulty of predictably, market recognition and pessimism since needless to say, too. Baidu first half shares all the way down to a great extent, is also due to the strategic focus on deviation, lost the exploitation of the potential market opportunity, is Mired in a difficult to extricate themselves.

baidu better starts from the baidu cloud release, baidu cloud can reflect the characteristics of the baidu technology. By providing data analysis, and image recognition technology, attracted a part of the developer.

but look closely, baidu cloud caused by the increase is not obvious. Because such a stimulus for the capital market is too small, close to the open clearly on the technology and can give the capital market to tell the story of a they interested enough.

baidu is applied to power maybe is to promote the rise of main power, whether baidu map of escalating, or baidu application name, baidu is finally able to accounting for the next part of the location of the user’s mobile phone memory. Baidu’s plan for investors to gradually believe that baidu is able to make the application of a tipping point.

the acquisition of the PPS can give investors a shot in the arm, perhaps you will say PPS is not a simple mobile applications. But take a look at the PPS on the mobile end market share, especially on the tablet of installed capacity. And Pad version of video application prospect of profit is undoubtedly one of the most promising areas of wireless, because it often rely on Wifi, speed fast, together with screen also is enough big, rendering ability is good, more important is to face the user community consumption level higher, stronger. There is no doubt that will happen next melee and video industry reshuffle in the mobile terminal, and the combination of PPS and iQIYI has grabbed a good location.

but perhaps these are bedding, baidu’s ambition in the process of acquisition of 91 shows, before everything is just raw materials procurement and production, and 91 are used to the real ship ticket tool.

91 to baidu a chance to integrate their mobile terminal product line, opened the baidu best between technology and market is not good at the door. Baidu can take advantage of its own technology to attract the developers behind the 91, and can use the same 91 channels to increase the chances of user contact with their application.

say that 91 is not necessarily the raffle tickets, but it is a tool can help baidu manufacturing tickets, and paid the $1.9 billion, while baidu, capital markets or without hesitation in pastry a praise.

and on top of that, perhaps results in also should notice the other point, that is until June 30, baidu has cash, cash equivalents and short-term investment of 34.069 billion yuan ($5.551 billion). Also said that, even after the deduction of the $1.9 billion, baidu still have nearly $3 billion of cash flow for mergers and acquisitions and investments, to be money. Where and how to use the money to use, perhaps will also have a big impact on baidu’s future.

the ambitions of baidu can come true, maybe not for too long will be able to see the answer.