2013 Forbes 400 list released before the nation’s wealth: Bill Gates to return to the top of the list, zack burke made the top 20

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it is reported that 2013 years of Forbes 400 “published today. In the nation’s richest 400 the list of names, Microsoft founder Bill Gates again the title. Not only that, old gates, also with 720 million dollars worth of property, became the richest man in the world.


gates had continuous 20 for the Forbes 400 richest people in the United States. In last year, however, the Mexican capital mogul Carlos Slim on the top of the list was beyond the gates.

in second, buffett alone. It is understood that buffett’s wealth totaling 585 1 $.


Larry Ellison ( Larry Ellison) with 410 $become a third place.

larry Mr John arne riise

the Koch brothers oil magnate joint property 460 $, finished fourth. In addition, the Koch brothers also became a New York City’s richest inhabitants.

wal-mart’s founder of thinking, the average per person to 340 $, top the list of the sixth to ninth.

New york city mayor Michael bloomberg with 210 $ranked tenth. At the same time, he also became the mayor of the world’s richest.


in addition, mark zuckerberg 96 $success one of the top twenty (20) in the Forbes rich list. Last year, he’s ranking for 36.

it is understood that the 400 on the Forbes rich list a total wealth of the rich more than the 2.02 trillions of dollars.

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