【 readers contribute 】 if no necessary, not by entity: pull the media people drifting about again


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a person to make any decisions are forced, I this sentence is believed. Cheng Ling peak teachers, for one, he also has been rejected twice, it is be compelled of can’t, just thinking about how to start, just thinking about business from the media.

is just like a rejection in the wal-mart’s fruit vendors, heart YiJin whisper: you are not, don’t let me in you are not poor rules many, ok, I will start a New stands at your door, and then said to speak ill of you everywhere, say you are very expensive, not fresh, you say you of the fruit of it is best to you all die soon. I then went to live in.

vendors have to dare to think so, it is based on a clear logic premise: I only to your own fruit to sell a good price, as for other tens of thousands of people will not affect the wal-mart stores, tube labor bird matter?

to be sure, the media person (related articles please further reading “or” reply to a small European WeChat digital ‘1’ to read) is a barefoot, time is a person to eat, the whole family not hungry. Since the birth of the media, the premise is a very selfish ends, he just thought of his own remuneration, their influence, their freedom, well, that might as well get a media, all in charge. Cough, so push, is funny.

but, why not think so? Don’t make more point is wrong? Don’t I can only make a machine screw, independent will be copping? Not, we are talking about since the birth of media opportunity: it is not for the post to a man, but because people are positioned.

if the media is a post, it starting from the date of birth accompanied with fickleness, with mutual jealousness borne, along with its homegrown, with both for their children when dad, when the mother to the child again like former personal webmaster: more original and more soil terrapin and tireless, more need to have more skill set at a suit, owners can write code at that time, will design, , organization is beneficial to their own strength, will write articles, imparting everywhere will make propaganda

who are all very hate screws life, since the media itself is machine, since the media is the whole machine features a collection of all parts. The only difference is helpless pain to others before making screws, it yourself. In short this machine to work, always someone to turn! The feeling of affair.

it is hard to imagine, I said it’s hard to imagine, if the traditional media to give people a good enough word price, this is not the media say? The dignity of the pressure from the media and do make the payment which is more important?

by saying I can conspiracy theories, is not a traditional media has been bringing a fart, but since the media brand do touch the ceiling in the traditional media! Because, one is economic person, who is not wasted more things to do with less things can do the same thing.

, for example, for holding, yue, rose garden, zhang, Mr Luo, even when walking, Liang Hongda a bunch of people, and so on, which without their attachment by institutions? Which they said they were doing the media? Similarly, which in their own field without the kind of effect? Exactly , the initiative to abandon the traditional media, or a traditional media think that the media people to value is not imagination in so large, the one who abandoned who, is a problem.

on the contrary, I think the more love tweet, the more leverage, the more flaunt oneself is how, the rest is ridiculed laughed at. Because you don’t have, because you are not. So you have to try to reach that , preach from the media, the most cost-effective method is temporarily on the strength is not , but at least I head .

just like the old people named children, son, I see a lot of people take Yao this word, inquire about: brush, says Mr Fortune-teller, our children are born, lack of soil has to mend soil on name; Of course can’t leave lack what fill what hat buckle on the media, but think carefully, this is not likely.

I want to say, whether from the media, he outside media and private media or media with traditional media, always want to be a good media first, ma3 jia3 can change constantly, but must be one soul.

a man worthy of, don’t need him in many words, no need for his label, without his brand, the outside world will naturally give him a suitable weights. The problem is you need to do again, it’s best to just do not say. Made, the world will give you flowers and applause, like keso , China Bloger “ not to book him a start, look forward, but, I write this to the title to buckle up.

in the old people are wrong to say again, even said not to be, after a moment and said it was the narrow gate, said it was a WeChat semi-finished products for a while, then said environment is advantageous to it well, I’ll some pragmatic, I come out, or do something substantial value for readers do not leave you, let the reader to leave you like losing electricity black black bears, black bears, this is your overrepresented, rather than a horoscope is not yet a pie, go first to be first off to one side.

well, bye investing so much, in fact just nonsense: if no necessary, not by entity . Don’t which day to be a month 6 digit institutions to harness you back to the office, you guys give back, the drifting about too much.


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