Zhuang zai, exclusive planning 】 【 I big fake! (history)

with decades of China’s reform and opening up, the shanzhai, this unique business culture phenomenon, meticulous in all kinds of loopholes, step by step development of his own power, finally achieved today’s a piece of heaven and earth.

the shanzhai phenomenon is not unique to China, in postwar Japan and rapid rise of the four Asian tigers in the 80 s, started with shanzhai, step by step change a large number of well-known international brands. Including South Korea, in 5 years before made in China are widely accepted around the world, has been considered to be synonymous with fake goods.

at that time, according to a study in the United States, most americans think the Korean brands such as samsung and LG for Japanese goods, while South Korea more cheap and low-quality products. But this with SUMSANG, LG excessive cosmetic brand design, marketing has a great relationship.

in China, the stronghold of the history, also can saying is a history of small and medium-sized enterprise self-made legend. A business idea and mode of upgrading, has spawned an industry giants with a large number of commercial genius, represents the most free of commercial civilization in China.

it reflected the history of the most natural and simple business essence, hunting cloud network will bring the most in-depth to parse and display.

Origin of

shanzhai originated in shenzhen China, because the adjacent to Hong Kong, shenzhen, the first in the 80 s began to adventure smuggling mobile electronic product. Gradually, as a result of smuggling product efficiency is too low, and began to put more and more machinery production, procurement, assembly in shenzhen. The numerous imitating manufacturing of electronic manufacturers. By the end of the 80 s, New Territories, Hong Kong fortress factory moved to guangdong, as shenzhen shanzhai industry bring more complete industrial base. Thus formed the industrial chain, for the shanzhai industry further development laid the foundation resources and channels.

in the beginning, the factory can’t on the product department place name, just replace with “SZ” (shenzhen), distinguish basis as a professional. Over time, as a result of the guangzhou local language and culture, the “village” extremely derogatory contempt, the term “the village” is produced. Then, by “the village” stretches out the word “shanzhai”. At this point, the word “shanzhai in guangdong, Hong Kong, a small scale extension and spread of culture.


hold first get rid of the nightmare of smuggling, really get bigger success, is the development of audio and video products of piracy in the early 1990 s.

on the other hand, the national government cultural entertainment policy to relax, Hong Kong and Taiwan popular entertainment culture are allowed. Audio and video products, on the other hand, the recording was very simple. Equipment purchase channels, in the previous adventure smuggling has laid a good foundation. Around the rise of being on the market channels, then solve the problem, but also become the shanzhai industry another great power, for then the shanzhai industry low barriers to entry the seeds.

the emergence of pirated audio-visual products industry, and also breeds a CD, tape manufacturer, VCD, tape recorders, electronic watch factory, even is give priority to in order to cover the entertainment media company.

at the time, around the state-owned enterprises blossom everywhere, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. These sounds of high-tech industry is local governments extremely envy of the industry, but also around the investment focus, but most can only be classified as assembly plant. This makes each kind of components localization step by step, and sui generis. But marketing far couldn’t keep up with the speed of the outbreak of capacity, there is a price war of TV industry.

in various profiteer auspices, then some of the powerful state-owned companies into solutions, components provider. The shanzhai are produced by the simplest CDS, tapes, in order to support the demand of the pirated audio-visual products industry. Integration of resources, gradually began to involve the low-quality cheap radio, recorder, VCD, DVD, electronic watch production.

at the time under the condition of science and technology level is not high, part of the shanzhai makers by moved, cooperating with local government, into the formal business. Some hard internal force, strong integration, gradually with its own brand, with its own position in the industry. However, more is the accumulation of a certain power, and moved on to the other hold industry.

at this point, by intermediaries, such as being led by the shanzhai manufacturing industry, began to break the dealer, the strict limits of the industry, the fortress into a more open environment. Since then, the shanzhai electronics industry emerged scheme, manufacturers, distributors, business. Also for the first time without illegal trade and a policy of a group of companies.

but free competition atmosphere also just, still dark gauge standing in the industry. Not who seize the opportunity and found the advantage resources development can “t well.

it is worth mentioning that the developed mainly cover the entertainment media company, when the boom occupies the most popular entertainment market income. Here the most famous of well-known singer recorded tapes, including a recent spoof days after marriage economic law diva faye wong. And one of liza lee, fire wind that a large number of celebrities on the radio, VCD, want most people still remember.

Outbreak of

the outbreak of the shanzhai industry really got to known as 2007 era of feature phones. Due to the political further contact on both sides of the straits, commercial trade became loose. Followed by the Taiwan electronics industry insight have fake model of business opportunities. Which we know mediatek is one of the best, then introduced a feature phone turnkey solutions.

there are many stories about mediatek online promotion turnkey solution is introduced, at that time said mediatek was in order to let mainland customers use their own solution, even for the customer design concrete samples. But in fact, according to the time of the case, this is just a foreigner a cigarette you first arrived courtesy.

but before mediatek, mainland solution is already a mobile phone business, but due to the solution of integrity is too low, the cost is not dominant, only to have positive, technical strength, high brand manufacturers. Then under the bombardment of mediatek, early without core technology solutions to business was forced to turning to other areas.

actually broke out at the same time there are counterfeit MP3 industry, but with the development of smart phones, MP3, a of the products have been gradually defunct and unremarkable.

the United States bombed the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia in 99, under the shock of the Chinese government to realize the importance of electronic chip industry, began to vigorously support the development of electronic chips. Beginning in 2001 set up a large number of chip design companies, most companies targeting the fledgling video chip design at that time, red core micro, Beijing is, zhuhai actions, surplus Fang Wei and a series of chip design companies were set up at that time.

at this time under the guidance of government policy, powerful, has become a full member of shanzhai companies established brand mobile phone companies, strength slightly time shanzhai companies catch opportunity, established brand MP3 company immediately become a full member. And most of them, you’re still with new lines of shanzhai, together with low-quality cheap fake MP3, mobile phone business. There is mobile phone licences, and have to be fake. So we can obviously feel the phone more clearly than MP3 stronghold nature.

at this point, the shanzhai industry under the impact of the market and government policy, has been completely open. Industry pattern, channels and rich in resources. Enter the industry no longer has the limitation of abnormal factors, competition has become more fair. Solution and core components suppliers, business, product manufacturers, channel operators, the subdivision, organic competition and development of the business model has been widely.

in 2006, the government fully liberalised mobile phone license application, then gradually eased policy on the mobile phone market. To the smartphone era, the pace of shanzhai pattern obtainment of faster and faster, its sense of smell sensitive market, bold, flexible innovation consciousness, have greatly enriched the management mode of the domestic market. To the grassroots, prick silk created a variety of counter attack path. Can say, in the business model of the maturity, the shanzhai industry is a benchmark in the Chinese market.

the stronghold, and the widespread in many countries in the development of the commercial phenomenon, on the one hand reflects the imbalance of the development of social production technology and on the other hand also low cost produce many hands-on talents for the society, spawned numerous sense of smell, quick, companies adapt to market development. This is the market the crystallization of civilization.

in the future, in the progress of the society development, the stronghold of energy release further, make the industry more and more specifications, will bring more and more affordable to the average user.

in the hold several decades of history, is already not low-quality behind simple collectively, its radiation out of the deep cultural connotation of the commercial, brings to the society a lot of positive factors. The history of shanzhai is people’s commercial popularization process, material and cultural civilization driving the progress of the society. Shanzhai, zhuang zai. Is the horror or, accumulated certain professional knowledge, have to rely on users to polish eyes to distinguish. After all, we are still in the immature era of history.

this cloud network hunting for you briefly tells the story of shanzhai several historical process of evolution. The next article zhuang zai, I big fake! (patterns) will continue to analyze the stronghold for everyone in business operations.