Zhou Hongyi spits out li: forgive the drunk

baidu world conference today become a focus of the industry. Conference, chairman and CEO robin li said baidu, app store has fundamental flaws, it is difficult to realize effective distribution on the application of the long tail. Aiming at these defects, baidu “light” solutions are put forward.

in li’s opinion, an APP store model of defect mainly comes from the two points, first of all, compared with traditional search, the APP store distribution mode, 99.9% of the long tail application downloads accounted for only 30% of the total amount of download, the remaining 70% of the downloads, were occupied 0.1% of the popular applications. Resulting in a large number of application promotion, if you don’t do online is submerged in the sea of application; Second, meet the demand of user’s long tail should be used, the user after installation efficiency is very low, resulting in the formation of “installation is dead”.

baidu’s buzz light application solutions by the industry. Among them, the baidu currently top rival 360 chairman zhou response very conspicuous.

profile on weibo every empty slogan li, “a brother think the mobile Internet is drunken driving, always can’t find direction, so in 360. Forgive the drunk.”

Zhou Hongyi published this background, 360 think baidu light application solutions is from 360, and drying out of the 360 light application open platform. But then baidu personage points out, light application is not 360 initiative.