Zhou Hongyi build mobile ticket: 360 wireless strategy continuously upgrade

360 launch of gadgets “portable WiFi” attracts the attention of its wireless strategy again.

tencent technology understands, “360” portable WiFi as originally envisioned from the 360 mobile phone assistant: mobile phones assistant PC version for the various resources such as software, games, mp3, often need to use the cable. Can say, “360 portable WiFi” launched one of the goals is to promote 360 mobile phone assistant.

as users continue to rise, since this year, 360 mobile phone assistant already became popular in the field of 360 wireless products, its momentum even more than 360 mobile phone guardians. It also makes the 360 have two mobile phone user scale of hundreds of millions of end products. According to tecent science and technology, to meet the business development, since this year, 360 has been to make adjustments to the wireless strategy, 360 mobile phone assistant of marketing originally 360 mobile phone guard team, is now split independence to do alone, 360 on wireless strategy intention is, roughly 360 mobile guards keep safe stronghold and a flow entrance, 360 mobile phone assistant for income.

in PC and mobile phone client share enough cases, 360 will also be looking at the internationalization, the 360 mobile phone guard international version has launched, supports English, Russian, Portuguese, etc. 360 the original wireless head li tao removed, turned back in charge of international business, however, the 360 is still at groping stage in internationalization, has not really big efforts to do.

now described as “small Zhou Hongyi (weibo)” call Shen Haiyin replace li tao is in charge of 360 mobile phone security business. Shen Haiyin jinshan is the “general will”, was a vice President of golden hill software, Japan golden hill CEO and director. However, shen and zhou origin deeply, its early founded the company had cooperation with our profile, network real-name selling in Japan, “Japan’s 3721” nickname.

jinshan senior r&d before introducing new mobile guards

360 wireless business is divided into two parts. A piece of business including manufacturers, operators, small and medium-sized manufacturers and flash, chips and solutions, online marketing channels, etc., after by 360 vice President li tao, has been operating alone, even making a break-up. Is the head of the 360 mobile phone assistant business kit, but also have independent operation.

however, 360 wireless recent major changes. People familiar with the matter, li tao removed at the same time, zhou from Japan back to Shen Haiyin personally, let it be responsible for the new 360 mobile phone guard research and development, now Shen Haiyin team has closed development for a long time, a new version is expected to be released in the near future.

according to the mobile Internet industry estimates, more than 360 mobile phone guard day 50 additional, including online for more than 70%, mainly mobile phone assistant and cross promotion with quantity. 360 mobile phone assistant users also is in rapid growth, is now the most Dan an android software distribution channels, distribution of 45 million a day, from the second half of last year as 360 income.

360 has also been developing mobile browser, cloud disk, and other products, including, Zhou Hongyi from Microsoft to Hu Hao team is responsible for the development of mobile phone browser. Hu Hao responsible for mobile phone browser for various reasons, however, did not get much promotion resources, finally run away Hu Hao baidu as a senior director responsible for video business. 360 mobile browser business ground to a halt.

familiar with 360 told tencent technology, from the perspective of the trend of 360, 360 mobile phone assistant is wireless key, 360 to 360 mobile phone assistant into a cash cow. Mobile browser may will be the focus of the next year.

do mass is wireless key

, according to people familiar with the 360 is copied to the PC on a mode of mobile Internet – grab a huge traffic first, and then to advertising sales. As the mobile Internet traffic is higher and higher percentage, 360 business model on the mobile end is gradually forming, mainly mobile games combined transport and mobile advertising.

mobile games through the current account for the lion’s share of the 360 wireless revenue. Touch technology CEO Chen Haozhi had said a few days ago, fishing is a must income level 2 standalone products, only 360 channels of a monthly income of over 3 million.

360 wireless advertisement mainly effect advertising (CPA) and a fixed position. According to CFO alex xu 360 company recently disclosed in the conference call, the first quarter of 360 mobile advertising and the game is expected to contribute about millions of dollars.

however, compared to revenue, 360 more attention in the wireless terminal is quickly preempted by the user. This is also the target of 360 launch portable WiFi: targeting lower-tier regions of mobile Internet users. Due to two or three line area, operators often bundling some low-end smartphones, lock the router wireless capabilities, ban on bringing wireless router access, 360 portable WiFi may be limited by users in these areas. Analysts pointed out that the 360 portable WiFi 11 m driver installation package, its pull 360 mobile phone easily in the concrete use of the installation of the guard.

Internet analyst Gavin (weibo) to tencent technology, points out that “360” portable WiFi is 360 in the true sense to the hardware, may be just a lighting products, in the end of 360 will be a wireless router, PC, mobile phones, set-top boxes and other intelligent terminal regulation, at the same time also can further promote the popularity of 360 mobile phone software.

in addition to this, is to promote cooperation in 360 also and developers. Insiders, since 360 has become a developer on the mobile end of distribution channels, and 360 in terms of the mobile channel is very strong, ask to be the sole starting, product must be 360 or even require developers in the PUSH function of the software installed in 360, otherwise don’t work with developers, 360 which is mainly to achieve the effect of secondary marketing.

360 mobile phone assistant are strengthening their own platform. Such as the depth of cooperation with youku and other video web site, using more diverse ways of cooperation, intention to introduce these video site resources. 360 is trying to mobile reading, etc, may be involved in the network literature.

360 wireless campaign

360 has not yet formally in mobile phone assistant two years ago, when 360 USES the strategy is the joint network led by 91 mobile phone assistant into the mobile web layout, 360 and net dragon set up r&d center, and sent developers into net dragon assist in developing the new 91 mobile phone assistant. But now 360 mobile phone assistant has become the most direct competition with a 91 mobile phone assistant.

not only such, as baidu, tencent, 360 and other Internet companies and telecom operators, mobile phone makers are involved in this area, the original on the market leader in android, pea pods, application, remit the business has been under pressure.

, according to people familiar with the peas revenue is only 5 million a month, is looking for a new round of financing, are likely to be big to mergers and acquisitions. Application of hui, it’s been a long time since there was no sound in the market. The advantage of 360 mobile phone assistant in the further.

in fact, the 360 mobile phone security guard is not “useless”, on the contrary, it has the highest jurisdiction, control the power in life and death on the application of the other. A security industry pointed out that security software can do a lot of things, such as popular, 360 assistant promote other mobile phone software, the software modular promotion, or 360 use rights management to fight the competition or cooperation of the product.

360 virus scan again, will give some unsafe risk warning, competing goods give user to generate panic, 360 also can take advantage of the security scan, to replace the user package, replace the game, is the most direct revenue sharing to improve their game. This is tencent active layout phone housekeeper, and with 360 active fighting.

people familiar with the matter said some worry, these are all users perceive invisible, like the app store to download, users do not pay, but developers pay, as a result, users get the software, 360 earn promotion fee, developers increasingly dependent on large channel flow, good market environment may eventually become a bidding model.

source: tencent technology jian-ping lei