Zhou: founder should be the “masters” or “the three musketeers”

author: zhou

a lot of people ask me, when starting a team has several founder? Several times I do poineering work, also invested in a lot of startups, I suggest two or three people is the best combination.

the United States in large tracts of superman and spiderman are lone heroes, the story of China’s “seven chivalrous WuYi”, “taoyuan three sworn”, even “liangshan one hundred single eight”, is a few like-minded friends, a group, cooperation make a big deal. So, it is a very cow people lead a strong team, like “qin liuhe”, to complete a groundbreaking success? Let four, five or more people form a “the best team in history” to farmland? In my opinion, the first difficult, because this kind of hero is difficult to see the trace in the world. The second is often the broth, it is difficult to form resultant force. Therefore, should get a balance in the middle.

in the first place, a lone ranger, a man grabbed the big picture, he is to be strong, but it is always a centralized, “a person’s decision to avoid biased, this team is also hard to succeed. Like a movie, the others are walk-on, also did not have a good director, screenwriter to cooperate, is a star, so he was is also can’t type a few iron nail, certainly not a good movie.

second, the more the better? There are seven or eight founders. This will go to the other extreme, is unfavorable to the development of the enterprise. Because the team will often faces two cannot ignore the important problems.

the first, one plus one is not more than two.

this team, often is the man of great together. Dare to venture, appetite is compared commonly big, more self, cannot form resultant force. But, like football, are all stars, but each other who also defy spirit, the only result is to lose.

second, do not unified.

between lovers, between husband and wife, in the beginning is tender feelings sweet meaning, but after the honeymoon period, all kinds of problems have appeared. Entrepreneurship, combative after initial, companies will have more and more problems, go to the left or right; Want zhang SAN’s investment, or bill financing; Product should be to do so, or to do so; It is essential to every enterprise rite. Even if everyone in the same dream together, but on these trivial things, everyone’s interests, in fact is not the same.

this time if too many founder, communication cost is too high. Too do not agree, lacks a backbone, conflict will more and more. Everyone is likely to fall apart, finally to do a company of my own. Just like an old movie, in the waves of the deep sand, six good brothers together into revolution, but in the end only a few people insist on the ideal, someone when the deserters, someone mutiny.

so I think good founding team, there should be two people, not more than three. After two or three people have a very strong team to support. Silicon valley’s many enterprises is to do so, yahoo founder jerry Yang and David filo, the founder of Google, Microsoft, apple also is two. Two or three men of the communication cost is lower, avoids a person’s autocratic, were also more likely to twist into a rope, forming resultant force.

this two to three founders, best in personality and the way people skills can form a complementary. Some strong point, some gentle; Some people make public, some restraint. As they can have similar values so much the better. This is the so-called “gentleman and but different”. But if two people are temperament, with both husband and wife, into a “” every day, will certainly to fight.