Zhongguancun businesses confessions: sell the computer earn more than sell lunch box

the author: rui-gang liu

sat in front of the national top ten PCS dealer, hong, a senior executive of the east is a little sigh, zhongguancun gave many dealers preferential, an obvious example is no rising house prices for many years, but also do not want to do a side dealer, because the open a shop at a loss, the survival state of the distributors in the village than in the village of the lunch box seller, transformation becomes suspends in front of everyone.

live samples: sell computers sell fast food earn more than


in the zhongguancun area, surrounding the rent price rise every year on a wave, such as ordinary 2 r already from more than 3000 dollars in 2009 rose to 5000 yuan. Good, however, is located in the core area of zhongguancun tripod, E and the dragon in the world, but I did not give their tenants rent. Zhongguancun E world an executive to sohu IT confirmed.

the executives to sohu IT tells the story of the current situation of the village, one of the focuses of conversation is to sell computers around fast food and which is more money. “The small dealers in the village as a big dealers have a good, I know one guy in trade in 2009 hired a 20 flat space, 6000 yuan a month. The rent in the past three years almost no change, if can’t rent increases everyone can dry, and in the computer city, sell computers earn more than sell lunch box.”

with dealers in contrast, the idle is booth waiters and chefs are busy to death. It is reported, the operation mode of the tripod good sidewalk snack booth is that 40% of pre-tax income to the top building management, and the operation mode of the merchants is paid on a monthly or quarterly XiangDing good building. “Selling rice pay 40% of the revenue and profit, selling computers than the lunch box seller, you think about how bad we are.” Hon, executives said.

it seems to also can explain a problem, why some people are willing to equate “profiteers” and zhongguancun sellers. Reason is that these sellers have entered the small profit era or losing money. When no profits can figure, partial businessman also without integrity.

why do lose money buying and selling of? On subsidies alive all

hon, executives say, is to persist, because still can maintain, PC vendors will give distributors of subsidies. Get the subsidies, of course, is a price to pay, PC makers also can give distributors make a corresponding target, usually the goal will be high.

hon day is the national top ten distributors, only 11 stores were opened in the zhongguancun area, now do dell channels first, third asus channels. So hard to live a large stores and small sellers is sad. The reason is no vendors will take money to subsidize small sellers.

in the world, E in ding, empty phenomenon appeared in trade counter. In shops on the second floor, one of the empty the number of the counter has reached nearly 10. The cause of the relevant responsible person, appear empty counter stores positioning is not clear. But one was once the apple business, in the later removed ark sellers Mr Wang has different view, malignant competition homogeneity is too bitter, don’t make money.

outlet in where? To the Internet as the only option

at present, represented by hon day sales distributors to roughly three ways, respectively is the zhongguancun stores and malls stores; Throughout the 2345 six levels of market distribution channels; Internet electricity distribution channels. Among them, the stores belongs to lose money business, distribution is one of the largest business plate, and the electricity is the most profitable business.

executives said that in day hon jingdong and cat are opened the shop, these shops belonging Yu Hongri in theory, however, and the difference between the two. Hon day on Tmall shop by PC makers to talk to ali, stepped in and Tmall settled after product line according to different agents, at the same time vendors will certain intervention and guidance to dealer. Taobao shop is completely independent.

electricity network operators on the site of the distributors, the cost is to employ an editor. As a result, the sales of the products is the highest profits. It is reported, income from sales on the network, has more than 10% of the revenue of the hon day. “Online store is the direction of the priority to the development, distribution channel is the second, zhongguancun shop is the third place, stay not bottom go to close the door.” The respondents said.

source: sohu it