Zhang predicting success: renren is a “scam”

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renren and had an accident, memory, in recent years, the company is only a scandal would again into public view: brush APP list by apple shelves, infighting layoffs, foreign mobile satellite…

to hunt cloud network, write about the company.

the enormous success of Facebook, let me once produced illusion, renren to cow force.

as renren city is very beautiful, the first world war was “brilliant” :

renren to determine maximum for $14 ipo price, raised more than $740 million, as China has so far been u.s.-listed companies, raised the highest.

renren opened higher, at $19.5 intraday shares rose to $23.99. On the first day the closing price of $18.01, $7.07 billion. Renren, with 7.07 billion dollars, to become China’s fifth largest Internet companies, as alibaba, sina came in third, fourth, intraday market value more than once.

there are media even assert that the pattern of China’s Internet will change.

ideal is always full, the reality is always bony. Later we see is, several years of losses, renren shares fell to less than one 6.

shareholder losses, smashed the analysis. Stock fluctuate, it is a very normal thing, but renren after a roller coaster of the big discharge, to believe in the supreme pull momentum of its thoroughly disappointed.

or, in the beginning, renren is a capital “fraud”, its real value under the careful packaging were deliberately magnified many times.
In fact everyone online, before they have a lot of questions about, the most sharp and representative comments from sohu zhang.

“now many Chinese companies wrap model and concept as a such as foreign companies of the same type, such as everyone is packaged into” Chinese Facebook “, but can only say that the concept is like, but not has become a Facebook.”
Behind “the China story and the American model”, is a feast to capital, capital tragedy or round?

a language more.

when others comment on zhang is a sour grape, and it seems that zhang fan to this a few slap.

looking back on it, those who watch the renren’s a lot of people like me, when evaluating future renren forgot a basic premise, that is Chen, is just a capital brokers, he do the basic starting point of the company may consider from the capital level.

a lot of new lines of friend may know Chen, because renren, but before that, Chen, through various means of capital investment more Internet products.

world of warcraft, dudu, video uume etc all failed. Finally in the case of Mr Wang team does not have the money, Chen finally finished bottom of the campus network, after a year and a half, Chen, by the value of the campus network only received $400 million from softbank. This is to renren later. Chen, by the great.

so, not the outside world for Chen, as a product, on capital operation of evaluation too.

this is happening during the fake kaixin that shocked the industry, it is completely beyond domestic definition of plagiarism, is recognized to be beyond the scandal to commercial morals. Background is at that time, kaixin very fire, and Chen, also thinking of buying, but kaixin, Chen to buy the domain name kaixin.com thoroughly raped kaixin. Although later under the pressure of public opinion, oak Pacific closed off happy, but is difficult to make up for the bad influence.

Chen, “if kaixin.com is shanzhai, baidu search also have to say it’s fake.” Become the laughingstock.

when it comes to the layoffs, oak Pacific but veteran.

in around 2005, thousand oaks advocated the years, oak Pacific has built the video project, the client was all cut, cut. Mop draw pie of broken dreams, more than 100 people from cutting more than 20 people. Thousand oaks from more than 1400 to more than 700 people.

the thousand oaks is big layoffs and cut quite a proportion of the employees.

in enterprise development, can only as a last resort. Layoffs can understand, because a lot of well-known Internet companies have happened layoffs. But throughout the Chinese Internet industry, such as oak Pacific easily cut down half of the staff of the enterprise is also a flower.


thousand oaks is always lack of clear thinking, industry often place of satellite, the great leap forward movement.
05 years big layoffs are because of the lack of clear understanding and judgment to the industry. At that time, thousand oaks, almost all of its revenues from SP, SP provides a continuously provide cash, thousand oaks and oak Pacific got the General Atlantic, DCM, TCV and lenovo’s $48 million. Since thought hindrance Chen advocated.

he wasn’t sober observed, SP has to the brink of death.

and oak Pacific during the same period of sina, sohu and netease have already started the layout transformation.
Boiled frog, layoffs, bad employees only.

the cuts.
Did not catch the mobile Internet advantage of thousand oaks, watched some companies on mobile Internet hitching a ride with increasingly fierce. So, after 2011 started another round of mobile Internet great leap forward.
In the middle of November, 2012, analysis results on the meeting, Chen higher-profile, thousand oaks to play three battles.

to speed up the pace of mobile game, spin off listing as soon as possible; Group-buying business unit be first; To warp/weft card with mobile commerce social fields. In addition, the rhetoric to launch in the next four months killer mobile applications.

a detail is that Chen, through radio and convey the significant strategic to the employees.

so a lot of new employees, and also from other Internet companies a large number of signings, built a lot of new projects around the mobile Internet.
Chen, the silver dollar policy is effective, short time oak Pacific launched many mobile Internet products.

the result? In a great mess. Thousand oaks of mobile Internet is more like a carved as Wall Street food, looking at very beautiful, but none so many products. All game also because brush by apple a list of all the shelves, made an international scandal, spin off listing is insane. The so-called killer application is out of sight.

only dusty layoffs.

in the final analysis, thousand oaks, lack of product gene. From top to bottom are the are capital blood flow. With my own ears I heard a story that oak Pacific a product changes often need two months time, in this small trial and error, rapid iteration of the Internet world, could not imagine. Eldest brother is keen on capital, how can have enough cow force of the attraction of product figure? How could the following people attaches great importance to the product?

at the same time, rapidly to form a team, the lack of cultural identity, thousand oaks claim geek culture, in continuous operation in the storm, is just a paper empty talk. Everyone in a large pot, na wages, to work on, along, burst into a loud came, burst into a loud are gone.

thousand oaks is like a flash of tree, small from the top to look at both, in fact, they had no root, after a gust of wind, the leaves are falling.
There is a widespread rumours of dudu.com was also in the hands of Mr. CAI, Chen, want to buy, but be CAI quote the price of 1 million yuan. At the time, tan this price is too expensive, privately to write to the company’s vice President to outwit a touching story. Anonymous email to CAI, the vice President said she was the mother of a newborn, the daughter’s name is called dudu, so she wanted to use the domain name dudu.com to build a record daughter grow up website, as a daughter after adult gift. Was very moved by the story is very beautiful, choi, eventually dudu.com with five thousand yuan price sold to the “mother”.

Chen is fine! Business that’s right, but as an employee, with Chen, the boss, I am not the courage.

look, listed circle money Chen, do those things? In addition to investment elong has gained ground, com and glutinous rice as two does not see the bottom of the black hole continuously reached like renren for money. And renren this stronghold, advertising revenue has been for several quarters.

but, I want to stress is that oak Pacific not have no money, account also quietly lying down hundreds of millions of dollars (or even renren once no lower than the market value of the cash reserves). But, this has nothing to do with these downsized workers have, said emotionally, those employees leaving the company, and a few people actually put Joseph Chen

when the boss?