Zhang behind a high-profile comeback

the author: Li Ying atlas

zhang classmate, Charles, special temperament middleman.

this time his high-profile comeback, although face to storm, sogou sohu and the overall strategic adjustment, although zhang careworn still appear in public, but also can feel his “full”.

remember the year before in an earnings conference call I asked him: “you proposed” reengineering sohu “plan, but seemed not to see there are too many changes.”

zhang’s answer is very interesting, he said: “you’re right, reengineering sohu doesn’t really, because I’m not in state more than one year. Now I adjust good, we will have change, you see.”

temperament zhang very candid, also very cute. Listen to these words, 嬛 嬛 elder sister affection for his index surged immediately. But, but, he jumped the tickets.

at that time two years ago, sina weibo heyday, the earnings call, asked about the most is sohu weibo topics such as how to develop. Zhang has always been a craigslist, don’t pack, but answer about weibo this kind of “problem”, can see come out, he really have a headache, but he is still a strong answer: “we will try.”

the following year, sohu is still marking time. Later, zhang admitted, weibo and WeChat gave him two slap in the face. His life is very hard over the past two years, very depressed. In the Internet in the river’s lake, Charles the first generation of leader position is no longer significantly.

what is depression? You can check it, is actually lost the goal. Lack of money, lack of awareness, zhang have everything, but can’t see the goal.
Have everything, but without passion, this is the most difficult to treat “the disease”.

but this time, zhang high-profile comeback behind what is power? Although he doesn’t mention, but carefully, still can see silk day mark.

from sohu business line. Changyou is still an important cash cow, sohu has been smooth, smooth, does not need to worry too much; Located in sohu news portal 5 armor is not left behind will not rise, and the portal this has nothing to play; Sohu video invest big impact for a while, but didn’t get optimal soil group, located in the industry before the appearance of three or four; Sogou, while facing the impact of the 360, the search pattern can’t even shake zhou, zhang didn’t expect too much.

say sohu highlights this year, in fact there is only one: sohu news to the client. On April 24, according to data released by the sohu, sohu news client users reached one hundred million, become the first domestic users after the news of the client. This is also the few years, sohu only one can win the industry’s business, and is mobile terminal, is a matter of “mobile direction in the future.

on May 6, zhang high-profile comeback, also in a good mood to joke that he is “, has just returned from another planet, “for now the Internet a lot of things is very fresh, would also like to” jumping “.

I think at that time, the medicine of the cure zhang depression is hope and passion, and the specific primers was sohu news to the client. Zhang will continue to do big news client the bibcock, even made a basket, slowly into the sohu “.

sure enough, this several days to see the sohu news client again, released the new version, full support live video, audio, news, and other functions, is now the only one to support full media live, full media news of the news to the client.

details from Charles zhang said in the interview, when it comes to future strategy, he highlighted the two bright spots: one is the sohu news client, a mobile phone is sogou input method. Zhang’s idea is very clear, self-producing news client to build a mobile media platform. But this idea although looks beautiful, but the real difficulty is very big.

the sohu news client became the first place, is also a reason for that. Remember my interview in shenzhen, is to catch up with during the two sessions, the news about the affairs of state, I also want to know. It was elected leaders, I listen to the interview objects, while looking down on the news feeds.

I with sina, sohu and netease, three news to the client. Sohu first pushed to the I phone, followed by sina, and then the netease. Push the same news, difference before and after a minute.

this are for ordinary users, the meaning is not big, see news. But the industry watchers are different to me, I see is that different news client response speed.

of course, is fast, just press the client a little advantage. For news to the client, the largest core competitiveness should be?

I think that is the first news, comprehensive, to truly become a supermarket of news. The second is the unique content; The third is the fast, when I see you here, look at someone else’s, I would not be opened.

in these three aspects, sohu is basically done. Especially in the mass news, sohu news client in addition to the cooperation with more than 550 full media platform, also cooperate with many people from the media, both massive amounts of information, and strive to unique content.

someone called the sohu news client media class Tmall, makes sense. Information supermarket, everything, “” selling all kinds of information.

however, in unique ways, although also made “god fun” sohu, witty humor language style, get a lot of recognition, even the god ridicule has the special issue also subscribe to more than ten thousand people, each article review comments for as many as 2000, but after all these also need to set up brand new content. And netease traditional heel stick sloshing around the cow X features for more than ten years, has been extend from PC to mobile terminal, the audience a lot. In terms of unique content, sohu in still need to strengthen.

the sohu news client upgrade, strengthened the video, interactive, let the house of CARDS “, “the vampire diaries” and so on TV drama also take the form of publication in sohu news client “video” section, users can see open publication.

watch video on your phone? I’ll read some short video, but I not see the “house of CARDS on your phone. But from this upgrade, I can feel, zhang tried to sohu video integration efforts to mobile phones, is the next step should be the game?

a to sohu news to the client as the core mobile strategy seems to have to track. But the news the client’s product design can carry so many huge amounts of information and huge amounts of dreams?

the people in the news on the client really want to see? In fact, the news media is the nature of the client is still, the lack of social elements, and in the present era of the social, media imagination space is limited, zhang want to create news client dream remains to be extended.

the sohu news of the client’s advantages let zhang restore the vitality, but also competitive. Sohu has a billion, the somebody else netease also not weak, netease news client also has eighty million users. Allegedly, netease also started to “sohu” on the client, the user scale + brand + sales team + platform media brand, sohu in news on the client’s business model is starting to draw lessons from.

how high threshold of sohu news client advantage? Borrow client can integrate the zhang reengineering sohu news, is still an open question.

嬛 嬛 elder sister is very like temperament middleman zhang, have the Internet, bosses are very rare in honest, talking to him is very interesting. But this time, Charles ah, don’t jump the tickets.