Zhang as sohu video CEO backed Liu Chun end “infighting”

in the morning when sohu video management adjusted, sohu video internal exposure of the email in the afternoon, it mentioned officially zhang ren sohu video acting CEO, overall responsibility for sohu video work; Liu Chun for sohu video President, Deng Ye sohu video chief operating officer. (updated version)

adjust to this, zhang said the video is the current Internet industry one of the main battlefield of competition, he would put the main energy into video related work. In addition, he also affirmed the Deng Ye and Liu Chun previous work performance, and adjusted the management team, will be a new dream will further strengthen the sohu video competitiveness, make the sohu video get new outbreaks.

this adjustment signals is very obvious, sohu video has become a top priority in sohu group strategy. But zhang replaced Deng Ye as sohu video CEO is behind Liu Chun real power on the stage.

in fact, the change in cloud network seems to be hunting is not sudden. Earlier there is media pointed out that the sohu video infighting:

“sohu video COO Liu Chun disagreement with Deng Ye directly. Liu Chunceng central TV, phoenix TV, during the period of China central television, “investigative journalism” executive producer. Joining phoenix TV in 2000, former assistant planning, assistant director general, vice President and executive director, it seems to many people, he has the strength as sohu video CEO.

Liu Chun parachuted into sohu video assisted Deng Ye, after Liu Chun from phoenix to bring a lot of people, want to have a as, Liu Chun clear sohu video some strategy is wrong, however, Liu Chun soon realized in sohu video internal decision-making, has been affected by Deng Ye extrusion. Eventually Liu Chun choice of sohu video no matter thoroughly, turned to the sohu portal.”

add sohu video heavily together with the hunan satellite TV and push the variety show “up! Juvenile”, Deng Ye position becomes unstable.

Liu Chun real power sohu video also have aura. In earlier sohu video media communication meeting hosted by dreamworks strategy, cloud network and hunting Liu Chun had communication, although he has denied the existence of the media reports of infighting, but with zhang for sohu video platform is Liu Chun, rather than Deng Ye.

the personage inside course of study tells cloud network, hunting Liu Chun subsoil in television for many years, deep in the television industry contacts and resources, that is the strength of him at the helm of the content. “In addition, Liu Chun generous man, and a large number of first-line bosses have maintained a good personal relationship, this is also a big advantage of he.”

Liu Chun his top priority is the relationship between processing and PPTV, to buy or not buy will be a test Liu Chun business acumen.

below is the sohu video company internal email:

every sohu colleague:

The sustainable development of

in order to promote sohu video, approved by the management, sohu video management structure adjustment are as follows:

1, the chief executive officer Mr Zhang Ren Daili (Acting CEO), overall responsibility for sohu video work;

2, Mr Liu Chun sohu video President (President), responsible for the content of the overall strategy and execution, report directly to Mr Zhang.

3, ms Deng Ye sohu video, chief operating officer (COO), is responsible for the sales and product technical operation, report directly to Mr Zhang.

4, mobile video into mobile products center of sohu group.

the adjustment effect from now on. Wish the sohu video under the new management structure for the development of more robust momentum, entered a new stage of development.

human resources department

on July 19, 2013