Z10 wild blackberry no reduction?


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Z10 all prices, operators sell Z10 slash prices, amazon’s store sales contract prices from 199 $.

prices failed to cause the market expected, well actually let more people question: pick up the blackberry’s flagship New system mobile phone Z10 sales how bad? In the face of such question, blackberry spokesman said: “on sale is normal market behavior, reduce the price of the equipment is to make room to the next generation equipment market space.”

sounds very reasonable, each company product launches will be lowered when the old price of the product. However! The blackberry Z10 just listed 4 months become old products? Has a sigh of relief to bring the price down 75% ? More ridiculous is: after another general is listed on the upcoming new products or old products for sale. The next generation of flagship of the blackberry it is said that autumn will listed!

nomura securities analyst Stuart Jeffrey accept CNBC said in an interview: “the blackberry this new product is far from slash their existing product line before listing price behavior is abnormal. Let a person have to suspect that the blackberry exist serious backlog of inventory.”

the blackberry bad quarter results show that it sold a total of 270 ten thousand carrying BlackBerry 10 equipment. What to do next? Count results beyond Z10 ?

Jeffrey said, blackberry now only two ways to go. “Constantly improve BB10 ecosystem, make better hardware, slowly closing and iOS and Android . This path challenges, it is very difficult, “the second way:” launch BBM Android, iOS version, to give up as hardware vendors, transformation into a mobile Internet services company.”

the blackberry executives increasingly frequent and second argument. Haynes says:


we only do is never a hardware manufacturer. We also operates a global security data network and services. Our company’s development strategy is not only pay attention to the short-term strategies of equipment.