Yoyo to raise $1.2 million m, in order to build a new mobile payment platform and user loyalty management

in order to build new mobile payment methods, and create new user loyalty management platform for the target.

, Yoyo TechCrunch at conference announced that it has completed 120 all seeds round, will set out to build platform of planning. According to the Yoyo , the platform will make based on mobile phone App application item purchases more convenient. At the same time, also integrate the function of automatic integration in the platform, to control the user loyalty. Yoyo the main target group is trading more cheap retailer groups. In short, Yoyo with starbucks has launched Starbuck mobile applications, is based on the general audience group oriented retailer promotion.

innovation organization from imperial college London empire Imperial Innovations Group provide and initial investment dollars. Yoyo will this fall for the first time to put into use at imperial college London. Main campus in London, about 20000 the teachers and students and faculty will be sent to you by Yoyo shopping activities, earn points and share comments. Yoyo retailers and partners including the selected part of the London 30 retail stores.

for retailers, Yoyo by integrating consumer user ratings for the deal to provide the assessment information, and intelligent analysis of customer buying habits. At the same time, through the Yoyo , the user can need not with zhang integral point card in order to obtain more benefits. A App in hand, is “the I have a preference”. Of course, users can also share the points with friends. Yoyo promotion will is likely to drive a based on App the personal marketing changes.

Yoyo is established in 2013 year, there are a group of senior industry practitioners, teams from Visa , Paypal , and Barclaycard the industry, such as members of a major corporation. Including Alain Falys , the world’s largest electronic check service OB10 the co-founder of; Dave Nicholson , point-to-point leasing platform Zopa the co-founder of; And the Michael Polph , in Paypal , BarclayCard and First Data is responsible for the takeover.

the investors including Mathias Entenmann ( Paypal head, and Payback ), the preliminary stage of investment vehicles Firestartr the founding team members ( Chipper Boulas , Alain Falys , Anil Hansjee , Richard Muirhead ), and Barclaycard , Worldpay , Visa , First Data , and Western Union the industry related to the company’s former executives.

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