YouTube is eight years old: user upload 100 hours of video per minute

On May 20,

Beijing time morning news, Google’s online video site YouTube 8 ushered in the birthday on Sunday, the site was launched in 2005.

the YouTube and at the beginning of the launch has been very different, but the growth rate is still very soon. YouTube announced that users upload more than 100 hours of video per minute. Considering the user’s demand for video, such a large supply of video is very reasonable. YouTube, said the website currently global user visits to more than 1 billion per month, nearly half of global Internet users.

two years ago, YouTube has said that the user upload video 48 hours per minute, while last year rose to 72 hours. Eight years after founded, YouTube is a rapid development platform.

YouTube to hopes to use its large number of active users and content library startup has brought new opportunities. Telecast is one of the typical, the company’s services to help users via mobile devices found and manage YouTube video.

YouTube in the blog, said: “when eight years old birthday, we need to thank you. You make YouTube now such a unique place. Show you the video how to create social relationships, beyond national borders, make a difference. You click on the link, although not sure which is what contents, but you trust us. In short, thank you for the important way to make us a better person. We forced the much to look at what will you do next.”


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