Youtube founder integrated sets, Vine characteristics, introduce Mixbit

, YouTube Chad Hurley, (Chad hurley and Steve Chen (Mr Chen) finally explicates the new product, display their video services MixBit . Reports emanating from as early as April, said MixBit is expected to include Vine , them , YouTube , Vyclone , etc., and to optimize and integrate these features.


MixBit video of the process is very simple. Use Vine or them had recorded video is to feel comfortable to use, as long as the thumb hold the screen can be started to record your own video. Each section of the video for the longest time limit 16 , MixBit up to record 256 section of the video, and the total time of 1 hours. After the recording, the user can edit and adjust operation, and also can reproduce themselves feel suitable fragments. At the same time the user can also from his own album import the photos or video. Once a user edited, can upload their own works. Work condition can be set to “draft”, “visible” personal friends (restricted to a particular group of visible), or the “public”. MixBit work on at the same time also can share the Facebook and Twitter .

MixBit to everyone’s surprise is that it functions not only stops here. And video platform Vyclone , MixBit platform, users can also through the browser to edit your video clips or others. Video footage taken separate storage mode, therefore, even if also can support mix after release. So, the user can completely from the others in the video clipping have a love of that paragraph, then incorporated into their own video. At present, the client of the recording has been verified effectively, but MixBit online platform function is not yet perfect. Though in the application, the user will receive such as please go to appreciate the community public creative masterpiece this reminder. But in fact, the web site address leads to another company site, client to share the success link temporarily cannot use. Therefore, MixBit the complete function is still in the pious covered face state.

no matter how to say, readers can try ha, download iOS version. p.s. Android system (^ omega ^)