Youku Internet TV shopping in a secret project and love in the living room

the author: 方堃

video website hardware products are copycat hype or the trend of The Times?

youku comes shortly before the formal commencement of Internet TV program, and the size of the formed a huge team box with hardware such as Internet TV, the project team fully independent.

since youku aspects of this project is highly confidential, so the official to do the hardware has been tight-lipped, news from the investment banking circles is revealed the following information:

1, the Internet and TV programs have internal project team has been formed.

2, the team is to analyze Letv TV cost structure, and in view of the previous le regard TV explosion of the marketing ideas for reflection and summary.

3, project investment is huge, by youku potatoes CTO Mr. Yao lead, team, fully independent project priority is higher than the youku potatoes in any other project, directly responsible to the CEO victor koo.

on the other hand, embedded iQIYI smart TV video services will be on sale in two months, unlike youku, iQIYI not directly to launch its own brand of hardware products, but with existing hardware manufacturers cooperation, iQIYI only provides technical support. Close to iQIYI also revealed the following information:

1, gong yu in internal repeatedly emphasized the don’t do the general direction of hardware, but to preempt the sitting room must be “indirect” involved in hardware.

2, iQIYI with hardware TV manufacturers to launch the Internet TV, iQIYI only provides technical support.

3, iQIYI current cash flow is insufficient, and the lowest cost of hardware company cooperation is the preemption of the sitting room screen mode.

4, the product will be officially into the market in two months.

video hardware company purpose: to grab the sitting room

a long observation of video industry, youku project Internet TV screen more than one hardware projects because CEO victor koo think one is the future trend, and the sitting room is the future of the Internet company to grab a most important part of the screen; Love in the together with hardware vendors do Internet TV is also designed to grab the user sitting room a broader market.

the other thinks, video website has an error in the past, the lack of the user’s attention and respect, but most of the energy on copyright and competitors, but with the competition and market segmentation, the situation will change sooner or later, the video site in hardware products, is to deal directly with the user to create a chance. This would allow video website in the future can be more energy on the attention to the user.

“of course, compared with the Internet TV the big-ticket items, the box is more conducive to popularity of hundreds of yuan, after all, households replaced television frequency is not high, but add a box or the easy things.” Each other, according to the video company to do hardware breakthrough point is a good opportunity to box, and the second – and third-tier cities in China, take the box of the sitting room products are far from popular, so this is a huge market, and easy to expand. In the development trend of mobile and screen more rapidly today, who can occupy sitting room screen who occupy the user’s attention, and more say in the advertising market.

video sites do two big problem in the hardware

problem a: competition or face industry reshuffle

in a foreign country, apple, Google, Microsoft started to grab the market, at home, Letv, millet, PPTV, fast sowing, alibaba has a layout. It is important to note that the search giant Google in order to rob market sitting room, but a week ago launched a $35 Chromecast TV stick, and immediately trigger snapped up by the user.

do hardware? Become the largest video site, foreign giants move to spur the domestic Internet companies to do the steps of the hardware, but also a video practitioners of Internet companies easily commoditised hardware concerns are put forward.

there are product launch or has launched project boxes and Internet television company has more than eight, including youku potatoes have to take the lead on the web end video website, there are Internet giant alibaba, and emerging Internet hardware such as millet.

according to the status quo, a video industry executives declined to be named said, the field will experience a reshuffle.

problem 2: Internet companies lack of hardware gene

the executives, there is no denying that the sitting room screen, the future is a huge market in the past the traditional TV makers is holding the brics in the begging, but on the other hand is because the market is the future trend, so will inevitably face the heated competition, the traditional TV makers once realized the benefits of changing business model, will lead to huge pressure for the Internet company currently involved in hardware.

the other party, said his company has internal argument over whether to dabble in Internet hardware for many times, but after repeated discussions were not done. The main reason has two:

1, Internet companies in terms of financial strength, channel and the traditional television giant than the advantage. Once the traditional television giant shift business mode with Internet content companies cooperation, will quickly destroy currently do Internet msi hardware.

2, Internet companies do not have hardware genes, and the advantage of the Internet company products and services, and the traditional hardware company has the advantage of price control and channel, the two can complement each other.

the executives believe the millet is essentially a hardware start-up, in addition to the company, now easily commoditised hardware company may encounter in the field of Waterloo.

the executive said, for example, take the sitting room is one is full of promise, but the journey is full of traps in the industry, Microsoft released a Venus program in 1998 to preempt the sitting room, but on windowsce and Xbox generation product failure, tens of billions of dollars in damage, and the target until today is still unfulfilled.

“Internet companies today are not all on financial strength and experience, just because the market is big into hardware could easily bring serious crisis, the market into large to unimaginable.”

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