Youdao search give up independent research and development for provide the technical support by 360

(editor: qing nan)

360 and netease youdao announced today will be in the search field, from now on, 360 search ( will provide technical support for youdao search service, this also means that youdao search on the management of large adjustment, will no longer do the core technology development work independently.

hunting cloud network login youdao, found that when using youdao search, search results will be provided by the 360 search, in the top right of the page there will be “360” search to provide technical support of labeling. This cooperation will include web pages, news, pictures, video, and other search service product, but does not involve the use of capital levels and advertising business. 360 the company will fully support netease youdao product development and marketing.

the data shows, the tao netease independent research and development of a new Chinese search engine, launched in beta at the end of 2006, official version launched on December 11, 2007, but failed to respond to see in the marketplace.

youdao officer direction hunting cloud network, according to choose 360 search as the core technology is mainly on the experience of the latter and the follow-up support ability. Although technology of will by 360 to provide support, but that doesn’t mean youdao completely give up the search business, is now decided to Web search product research and development and maintenance of frozen, youdao will continue to search in the shopping areas such as continuous power.

360 search officially launched in August last year, keeping the rising trend. Based on CNZZ data center statistics, in June 2013, 360 search market share of 16.58%, according to the calculation, already the second Chinese search engine service market.

before, 360 and netease youdao had to cooperate, starting in December 2009, youdao search is the introduction of 360 “cloud security” url library to search results, comparison, to help users identify horse web pages and fishing sites. After 360 search online, netease youdao also in 360 search and a browser, site navigation, and other products for 360 users online dictionary and translation services.