You guess, what color of the iPhone 5 c is the most popular?

maybe the iPhone 5 c before the media hyped as “cheap”, but at least it is colorful, a total of 5 kind of colors to choose. However, which one of the most popular with the users?

the iPhone 5 c since last Friday to accept reservation, yellow unlocked version of the triggering user for a boom in North America.

this competition may cause yellow shell shortage, so late delivery. Operator Sprint is reported to have said, and yellow version of the iPhone 5 c may have to delay shipment one week, but today they said: “we will make every effort to guarantee 9 on 20 day start shipping “.

maybe, apple didn’t anticipate the yellow version, the most popular apple official has yet “yellow version if there is shortage of supply” to respond.

the iPhone 5 c the overall configuration and the iPhone 5 is consistent, the difference is that color plastic shell, a total of 5 kind of color to choose: yellow, white, blue, green, red.

if let you choose a, so what color would you choose? Is yellow?