Yi letter: the product is not bad but no one use!


in the latest version of the iPhone phone on the same day, apple CEO Tim cook ( Tim Cook ) launched a personal Twitter account and issued a twitter message , social networking tools are gradually accepted by people and take a lot of fragments of time. According to CNNIC published the first and times China Internet development statistics report shows: 2013 in the first half, China’s Internet users have the highest average hours per week online at 21.7 hours, compared with 2012 in the second half with 1.2 hours. Mobile phone messaging scale of Internet users for 3.97 , the 2012 at the end of the year increased by 4520 , utilization rate was 85.7%.

Wifi popularization, mobile terminal hardware upgrade, etc., all for the development of mobile Internet has brought strong nutrition agent, has given rise to the riches of the mobile Internet related applications. Relative to have “molding” PC the mode, the mobile Internet has just begun, APP , light applications, such as browser has not been formed unique user habits, including their profit model is unknown.

mobile instant messaging software users in all mobile applications, users achieve micro letter 4 million; Announced recently, yi letter total users in have breakthrough must mark at the end of recent keep 100 around all day growth; Stranger stranger in 7 month announced its users have breakthrough 5000 mark; In the year to the 7 month, m chat users breakthrough 4000 , daily active users breakthrough 400 . Search engines at the hottest time there are ten a domestic, and while a mobile im hot, but the current mobile application did not present the phenomenon of “baihua schools of thought contend”.

the user experience is the best product t


this is the mobile instant messaging ripple, the netease by large domestic Internet company and one of the carriers, telecom launched mobile communications software, easy to believe the very high expectation by the market and users. Unfortunately when it launched, it is not of a serious illness, ailment, is still “medicine can’t stop”.

welcome, easy to believe in the rest of the time a month, roll out the 1.0.0 , 1.1.0 , 1.1.1 version, such as perfecting the function of the product and user experience, and constantly improve product BUG until now almost no one easecredit products have what big problem.

users grow in yi letter this time serves as a good product experience architect role. Any product before launch will have special product testing department test, after the completion of the test again, but this energy consumption to rise this time? Obviously not! Than WeChat, Brian, a day later by Momo these chat software, means in the process of market competition, more for hundreds of thousands or even millions of users, we can afford.

inherent in our mind, only in the case of a “perfect” product can be launched, and in the products tested to improve to test again, and then to improve the process, down so long a period, but can’t wait to the launch of the product is already on the market have no extra space.

easy to believe it can be said to be the model broke through the existing product launch, although the product has not yet reached full marks, but the problems arising from the use of users in the use process, and then to collect and perfect, which greatly shorten the cycle of product line, in the process of competition and other similar products, also won the precious time.

easecredit tentative breakthrough

when the global are local tyrants gold iPhone golden version of the gold rush “seconds and kill”, Beijing telecom first attempt through easecredit, sina weibo and other fresh booking way opens to booking a New version of iPhone , this is not a easy to believe a tentative breakthrough. According to phone China news, recently, OPPO officially announced and easy cooperation letter, and netease ding will also attend the OPPO N1 of the conference. OPPO the cooperate with easecredit, users in the OPPO N1 , can touch back, recording to talk directly.

WeChat with operators of business flow, using WeChat on preferential flow, and easy to believe the software and the business of mobile phone hardware cooperation, direct cooperation with mobile phone manufacturers, development on mobile phone’s exclusive application function.

some people say that the mobile Internet can’t live on it alone, “unity”, baidu and 91 , PPS , ali and Scott maps, sina weibo, whether big or small and medium-sized companies, and even competitors may be all start bulk, nobody can swallow the mobile Internet alone this cake, but also can be engulfed directly, like the current application market with taxi, sometime is not.

we already have telecom operators, the operators of the cooperation is not a problem, so directly and cooperation is a good traditional manufacturers, the market has not yet been applauded WeChat customized version, customized version, Momo exclusive machine, we opened a good start, if we can on the basis of the further perfect, the market share of easy letter will certainly continue to improve.

easecredit platform development of

easecredit through its recent news products and easy to believe, easy to client letter of friends channel, but these enough? Not enough! PC the website with the mobile Internet is a big problem, some programmers in the mobile site will encounter technical problems above, as for with the micro believe it, these mobile communications software combined with more barriers, but the micro letter, easy to believe the flow and is very large, and far more traffic than PC flow to the essence of the platform.

easy to believe you need to do is, how to make the content of the site are more likely to share the easecredit platform. Such as share plug-ins, such as easecredit website third-party interface can be possible, let the PC