Yi letter: ding three CARDS are in his hand?

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

netease to telecom made a easecredit, ding and wang xiaochu platform in person, at that time caused a great vibration in the industry.

the shock not only become the media, but the hard data: from August 19 to 20, 10 10 points, yi letter released 24 hours, the number of users reached 1 million, at the same time easy letter issued on the first day on the apple store application list total list the third, social list first. Wing letter technology company general manager Zhang Zheng excitedly revealed, according to the current development speed, is expected to the end of this month, easy credit number is expected to enter the 10 million mark.

this first shot is fired.

easy letter into the line of sight of people, nature to enjoy the treatment of the “spotlight”. All about the comments on a flood of easy letter to. There are promising with the failure of play of a spoiled.

but nots allow to ignore, are the details of the has always been low-key ding is open and tencent, is rare in the history of netease. Ding’s hand from where, ding hand CARDS a few?

the first card: open

ding told the media, tencent WeChat no open communication protocol, this led to other mobile instant messaging products cannot be achieved with WeChat, namely yi letter to WeChat to realize information exchange. “While tencent this kind of behavior, is a typical use of monopoly monopoly competitors.”

open is a piece of pie, this piece of pie has two benefits. It is means that the letter won’t easily behind closed doors themselves secretly make a fortune, but is willing to open the door, everybody together to make money. This is ding to the Allies and shown good! 2 it is to the user, communication can solve the problem of the information can improve the efficiency of the use of easy to believe.

the second card: free

this is tencent’s strategy to study ah, free! However, unlike WeChat free, free of ding strategy more thoroughly. Don’t micro believe you so-called free? That is what expression to charge? Then I easecredit entirely free expression. In addition, according to the national physical users, register for a quick 300 m telecommunications traffic; Monthly active users (more than 5 messages sent), following the complimentary 60 m telecommunications traffic; After the future according to the development of the business may also breaks easecredit im the directional flow of costs. 300 m flow for most, that’s enough.

free strategy will also the micro letter, what should follow easecredit play completely free?

the third card: VOIP

media points out, netease and telecom marriage can obtain a perfectly justifiable identity – a ministry to be done around the ban, operating status of VOIP. In fact, this is also the current WeChat insurmountable bottleneck in want, so far – basic telecommunication business.

before that, in addition to basic operators in China, other companies have the right to run VOIP business. Yi letter have across the net free SMS, free telephone landline messages, and other functions, in the future will also implement and mobile, unicom, interconnection. Even if someone is not installed easecredit, easecredit user information through the easy letter to this person can also be in the form of text messaging on mobile phones, voicemail immediately passed to the other party. VOIP business, great imagination.

the ding good CARDS in hand, but if we can really hit effect, and see the netease and telecom follow-up force.