Yang yuanqing issued a new target: lenovo full beyond samsung in 2020

the author: MuNan

on April 26, lenovo group within a training session, represented by Mr Yang’s executive committee members began to convey to the presence of more than 200 various lines of business the high-level new goals – beyond the samsung 2020, become a leader in the field of “PC +”. Association released a year ago the PC + strategy, meaning beyond the traditional concept of PC products cover smartphones, tablets, personal computers and smart TV a wider range of end products.

this is lenovo’s few about PC + long-term goals, and given that the industry generally does not comment on competitors from the norm, lenovo this challenge, on the one hand must oneself the transformation over the past two years, on the other hand, also hoped oneself completely out of the overall downward pattern of PC, with a look to the leader in the field of mobile.

Yang yuanqing constantly stressed at the meeting, lenovo need no rival blue ocean field, “such as Yoga and Hozion two product, (see article) sets a good example for the future development direction.” The former is a blend of tablets and notebook two forms, the latter is defined as “smart” desktop — big size plate combined with all-in-one. This is also the practice of lenovo in the PC + two typical cases, predictably, under the circumstances of the touch-screen gradually popularization, lenovo will be in the screen size, interact, and doing + Android framework, continue to research and development “crossover” products.

the meeting, the two stories about “fall” is also be discussed, one is nokia, 2 it is traditional PC makers, “incomplete transformation, can only to them.”

nokia before the iPhone was born in 2007 in occupying more than 50% of global share, and nokia on a smartphone share only 3% last year. “Mobile phone to a smart phone, it is like a PC to PC + transformation is a reason.” Mr Yang said.

traditional PC industry has just suffered the largest landslide in 20 years, according to IDC, the PC in the first quarter of this year global sales fell by 14%. Lenovo share of 15.3% in the first quarter, is almost equal with HP, according to the growth, has almost become a lenovo PC champions, too don’t want to continue to fight this battle, and the companies such as HP, dell has not yet success out of the mire, were summarized in the decline of the team.

another data, lenovo’s share of the global smartphone reached 4.1%. Mr Yang in pledging conference in a few days ago, is expected to share tablets for two years to share a flat with a PC.

obviously, apple and samsung, the biggest enemy is now lenovo’s eyes, apple’s single product line combined with hard and soft style doesn’t fit with the analogy, lenovo and rely on Android machine success of samsung, lenovo is need to study and pursue the goal of great effort.

this, Yang yuanqing, proposed the present stage of five strategic vision for seven years.

a starting from user experience to the real demand of consumer Angle to determine the market; The second is to promote strategic vision to each employee, not satisfied with the success of the PC; Third, efficient operation, it has the adjustment of the structure from the beginning of the start practice; Four is to take risks, to try out more cross-border products; In the end, Mr Yang hope to carry through the spirit of cooperation groups inside and outside.

these seemingly “politically correct” policy seems to be enough to cause too much discussion, however, don’t forget to lenovo on Mr Liu’s “build team, set strategy, with” the more traditional color slogan, come today from the dilemma.

from 2007 to now, the iPhone 6 years and completely change the move of the birth of the Internet industry. For lenovo, in 2020, has become a target for the first PC + market slightly distant and more color, dancing is worth to pay close attention to at present is that lenovo will continue to maintain the motivation and momentum over the past few years, the market more test is needed.

source: tencent technology