Yahoo’s acquisition of “one” the small company, strengthen its games products

yahoo! “the bulldozer” here we go again!

yahoo! Recently announced that the company has just acquired a success is called “Bignoggins” manufacturer “fantasy sports” game application. It is reported, the only one small company has produced some very popular for the iPhone platform fantasy sports game.

at present, the company developed two models called “Fantasy Monster (Fantasy Monster)” and “Draft (Draft Monster) Monster” game application, is a universal tool, the Fantasy sports series game players to manage them on yahoo, ESPN and the NFL services of football, baseball, basketball, hockey team.

the bad news is that after the takeover, Bignoggins all development of application will be from the app store shelves. But the good news is that Bignoggin founder and as sole full-time “employees” Jerry Shen, said in its official blog, although company takeover, but the corresponding technology will be applied to yahoo official “fantasy” products series.

at present, the details of the purchase plan also did not say, but I think Shen will eventually to the masses of users to understand the cause and effect of the whole deal. As a paid game application (3 – $5), the illusion of Bignoggins series in the user’s demand, and once in the app store Sprots, leading the way. For such a small start-up companies, rather than “solo”, rather than choose to take refuge in a large company. Shen once wrote on his blog,


I never hire a full-time staff. Alone for a long time, I was thinking about the development prospect of the company. Whenever I want to fire their own time, only to find that the whole company I was the only one person in the struggle.

in addition, as the company’s founder, he has never been abroad financing:


I never get any help from the outside world, the whole company is myself alone. In addition to my mother raised me, and for me to school, everything is to rely on my own struggle.

the most important of all, Shen from high school is “obsessed” with yahoo fantasy games, and always hope to have the opportunity to work to yahoo. The purchase of such by yahoo, perhaps let Shen to get it!