Yahoo’s $30 million takeover of Summly 17 years old to join yahoo founder

to her! Yahoo bought a mobile phone news application Summly , allegedly buying $ 3000 million dollars. What a shocking news, after all, Summly , and years of age. Many people are looking forward to Summly and – year – old founder happy ran away after got a windfall, the sooner the better, don’t trip to yahoo this tan muddy water, after all, yahoo had startup killer “reputation”, after yahoo to buy some startups are no interest. But Nick D Aloisio has told reporters he not ready to do it – on the contrary, he wants to join the yahoo, yahoo help reconstruct its power, to “be great”. The young man started Summly in order to make people more easily read news on mobile phones. By machine algorithm to extract a news showed the most core content to the reader, an overview of the reader without reading the full text content. Yahoo’s acquisition of this application will help it develop its own mobile news service, change the original old news portal.

D Aloisio 15 age is founded Summly , Nick to and years of age. Such success, of course, is striking, Nick yourself first to make this app that’s out of interest, he admitted:
“It was a fantastic journey. I always take it as a hobby – it’s just a product of my personal passion. I never expect that it will be acquired… It all depends on Horizon Ventures and li ka-shing’s help ( Summly the investors), and they are in my this young guy for such a big bet. This should be attributed to their work to people who support me all the.”

D Aloisio is living in London, England, is still in reading, so he won’t leave Britain for yahoo’s headquarters in the United States. He will be in learning to yahoo in the UK office. Of course he is going to go to the office, after all, we all know, she was the New Deal: yahoo is not allowed to telecommuting.

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