Yahoo! Recently busy what? Waving check around to buy a company, and… They are closed

yahoo acquired second company in one day, Google and ITA investment of tourism integration services MileWise . Voted in the yahoo acquired real-time platform GoPollGo and finished shortly after announced the closure of the MileWise purchase. MileWise officially announced that they would shut down its web site, said in a statement:

Four years ago

MileWise create initial goal is to create a simple and powerful products, to help users and suppliers to obtain the biggest profit in return. Along the way, we are very lucky to get the favour of the travelers, without them, we can’t live now. All we want to focus on MileWise friend say thank you. Seem to share the MileWise vision, and are willing to pay on the website time and passion to make it into reality

MileWise said, will be the simplest possible way to let users to get their own data. They will send mail to users that export of user data, if the user has any question can email to them. Although yahoo did not say what is the purchase intention, but it has shown just plans to acquire yahoo MileWise technical team, and add it to yahoo company based in New York. According to speculation, the team would join and tourism related projects. WileWise said in a statement: “we are very happy to be able to join such a genius of company, we can’t wait to start a new job in yahoo.”

as early as in last year’s 10 month, we reported MileWise and Google and ITA to reach an agreement through Google services support MileWise . This is the second after Google announced the release information about the flight ticket transaction, as early as in the 2010 , 6 on Google and travel website Hipmunk cooperation to support its charge function. Last Christmas Eve, MileWise introduced a new feature, developed iOS application, including the ComboFares notification service and price.

ITA the main source of income is the flight information and flight ticket, this is why Google wants the ginseng with their flight information sites and services. ITA the first product is called QPX the airfare search and view the system price. It is also now a lot of travel companies in the use of products, such as Orbitz, Bing Travel, , American airlines, virgin Atlantic, etc.

yahoo has recently been buying all kinds of firms, last week has just bought a task management application Astid, before also bought a personalized social recommend Jybe and news based on the Summly .

is the common characteristics of all purchase. The acquisition services were closed, and specific details such as the purchase amount were never disclosed. This obviously is a very large recruitment plan, yahoo, yahoo obviously have more opportunities and plan to complete such transactions.