Yahoo on the grounds that the CEO changes, hope to suspend search deal with Microsoft

the way of the battle with the search giant Google, yahoo and Microsoft both companies “gains an enemy”, in 2010 signed a decade-long search partnership agreement. Although original intention is to help improve the market share of search services, can be close to a period of time, she was led by yahoo frequently want to “set”.

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, apply to the court for recently, yahoo yahoo delay in Taiwan and Hong Kong markets with Microsoft’s Bing search technology. In addition, Reuters said, citing the court file mayer to ballmer outgoing CEO, Microsoft has not chosen successor, citing want to terminate the agreement with Microsoft’s search for the time being. Unfortunately, yahoo didn’t get the court’s support.

yahoo search products, senior vice President of Laurie Mann said in an interview: “if the future we find a new CEO can also like Steve ballmer is responsible, yahoo will continue to carry out the previous agreement.”

according to the 2010 agreement, yahoo! Will use Microsoft’s new Bing, and yahoo are responsible for attracting more advertising. Yahoo! Use Microsoft’s search engine income of 88% will be owned by yahoo, yahoo and Microsoft will harvest a decade of exclusive right to use the core search technology. So far, Microsoft’s search advertising platform has been successful docking yahoo 14 of 16 markets around the world. However, yahoo said in September this year to Microsoft, it will delay the Microsoft search technology into the yahoo time in Hong Kong and Taiwan market. It is understood that after the delay time not earlier than in the spring of 2014.

as Google was the first and the first female engineer, Google product manager is responsible for the vice President of search products and user experience, mayer seems to be on the right from the start “legacy” (mayer as yahoo CEO in 2012) down the cooperation agreement. Mui was in a public occasions expressed his dissatisfaction: “cooperation with Microsoft did not bring yahoo expected market share and profit.”

it is reported that yahoo! And Microsoft did not comment on the incident.

so far, Google is still well ahead of Microsoft Bing and yahoo search. According to the relevant data of the Internet research firm ComScore, Google accounted for 67% of global search market share. By contrast, Microsoft and yahoo share would not have too big change, 17.9% (Microsoft) and 11.3% respectively (yahoo).