Yahoo mail to Dropbox large attachments without pressure!

according to foreign media reports, in the face of Google, amazon, apple and so on cloud computing giants, independent cloud storage service Dropbox competition pressure, a few days ago, Dropbox get the support of an Internet giant – yahoo mailbox, will begin to integrate Dropbox service.

two 4 on 2 day announced the news. In the future, yahoo mail can be convenient to send yourself in Dropbox stored documents, as the attachment.

yahoo mail to the user said that the future users to send holiday photos, tax table, research papers, and other important documents will be more quick, because all the files stored in the Dropbox , users can use mobile phones or tablet query search at any time.

Dropbox remind users said, the use of cloud storage, will no longer be yahoo mail attachment biggest 25 MB restrictions, and yahoo mail users can quickly to save the attachment to the Dropbox account.

the yahoo mail version of the integrated service including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian version. In addition, the use of integrated service to users to register Dropbox account.