Yahoo give each employee a Jawbone Up movement track wristbands


mayer hope yahoo employees can obviously faster in innovation. The latest news is that yahoo to give each employee a Jawbone Up wristbands, hope can eleven thousand yahoo staff from this kind of popular wearable device for creative inspiration.

the UP , you may not familiar with it. This is a model for the 130 wristbands, can record measurements of your daily activities and sleep patterns. to match UP the calories consumed by a mobile application can put the wearer input, exercise, and even sleep in the phone. its fashion modeling beautiful, got a lot of users.

this action accords with mui, yahoo’s style. She served as yahoo after a series of “Google” measures, provide new smartphones to all employees, for example, started offering free food (free food is popular in many companies in silicon valley, but it was not until she has come, yahoo employees to enjoy the welfare)…

so, a lot of wearable devices on the market the same, such as Nike + FuelBand and Fitbit, why chose the Jawbone ? The answer is: in addition to act as their CEO of yahoo, mui is Jawbone the board of directors.