Yahoo began to issue the collection account, join “wait list” still have the opportunity to grab the right user name

today, yahoo will formally issue some users with the user name to.

it is understood that in July this year, it was officially announced that Yahoo did not login Yahoo account for the past one year to recycle and will be allocated to other users. And those before August 7, fill in “wishes to apply for” user is likely to be among the first lucky – from the recycling user name of the account of his dreams.

in addition, yahoo also released the people want to get the name of the user. Male users favorite name David and Michael, Alex. While the female users favorite name including Maria, Jennifer, Jessica. Other names such as batman, superman, is common hope to get the user name of the user.

at the same time, the people don’t get your user name of the dream, will be added “wait list” (Watchlist). If yahoo recycling at the end of the user to user name, will be immediately notify users. The user can be in 14 days, declare at yahoo to get the user name. Overdue will be handed over to “wait list” the next one to apply for the user.

miss fill in “wish list” of users with chagrin. Now you only need to pay $1.99 you can join the “wait list”, and over the next three years to get what you want the user name.

despite the people put forward a distributed recovery account security problems, but yahoo has been working with companies such as Facebook, to avoid the important information in the original email (such as, reset password, etc.).

yahoo to activate the yahoo mail user activity.