Yahoo and Twitter fit! Yahoo home page will render Twitter content

Beijing time on May 17th morning news, according to the technology blog TheNextWeb reports, yahoo announced Thursday cooperation agreement with Twitter, and integrating on its home page Twitter content information. Within the next few days, after the integration of content will be on yahoo’s desktop client and mobile end page rendering at the same time.

yahoo said plans to launch on the page “customized tweets”, but only for users in the United States, the future could be to extend the service overseas. Yahoo argues that social networks are a major source of news. Due to the center of the yahoo home page content is still a news, the collaboration with Twitter will further expand the company’s business news.

yahoo CEO marissa? Mayer, Marissa Mayer said: “the politicians, celebrities and the media and publishers on Twitter updates are an important source of news and information in real time. A piece of news just 140 words, enough to link up with the athletes and their fans, capture the red carpet at the scene of the latest news, and even trigger a global debate.”

details has not yet been disclosed, but for now, it is possible that yahoo payments for Twitter to get the information content. If yahoo web editor can choose the proper content according to the Twitter stream, and in a timely manner, then the cooperation will inject new vitality for yahoo home page.

meanwhile, Twitter can also benefit from the partnership: the user will be able to access to Twitter on yahoo page content, and can see more of them on the platform may be interested in, and focus on Twitter. Twitter content on yahoo page after consolidation, register and log in Twitter users or will see more customized content on yahoo page.


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