Yahoo acquisition GhostBird to Flickr

yahoo just announced that it has acquired GhostBird Software, the latter mainly for iOS production camera application, two of the most famous is KitCam, PhotoForge2.

although did not give too much detail, but made it clear that buying yahoo GhostBird is in order to further enrich the function of Flickr. Don’t know if it is means that yahoo’s flickr is building upgrade?

before the takeover, GhostBird has applications for iOS platform built the three pictures, they are KitCam, PhotoForge, PhotoForge 2. KitCam assistant application is a powerful film, it provides users with a variety of “camera” and “film”, and can also manually adjust the white balance and exposure. PhotoForge series retouching is used, it allows the user to such as cutting, metadata to a photograph editing, exposing and gray “modification”. In an

GhostBird announced on its website, the above all of these applications are no longer provide upgrades, and will not be able to be downloaded in the app store.

this statement may seem strange, because even those who are app store shelves for the application of (banned) does not include those, of course, the previous buyers can also download from up to.

more curiously, even GhostBird in the past few months, also gradually “retirement”. A few months ago, they don’t often while also on Twitter to send a few pieces of information, but in the middle of march (3.17) are completely “gone”. While PhotoForge2 and KitCam at the end of march is no longer updated.

actually, before the photos application, GhostBird also gaming “testing the waters”. They have released a called “The Raging Dead” zombie games. But in February 2010, the last time after the upgrade, the game itself into a “zombie”.