Xiao-long zhang in afraid of?

the author: Li Chuanfeng

for a period of time since the circle bosses (li, Google search business, senior vice President Amit Singhal, ma, qi lu) head of Microsoft’s search business, dense, is developing voice technology and the technology of natural language understanding. The parties statements may differ, but the same kernel: human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, represents the future of mobile Internet.

xiao-long zhang also realized this, naturally WeChat team of more than 200 people in more than 30 people research the speech recognition technology. I do not know how to read, we when I saw the news, shock, admire and feel xiao-long zhang inner anxiety and fear.

xiao-long zhang, in fear of what

many known, micro letter represents the tencent’s future, whereas the public platform is bearing the weight of the commercialization of micro letter dream, priority, not delay. WeChat pampered, nature also have to bear the same amount of pressure; Xiao-long zhang as the helm, one thousand jins weight is at a suit, what does it mean, you know.

xiao-long zhang to the public platform into an interactive intelligent AppStore, so-called search dialogue as a service, that is, will not open around voice technology and the technology of natural language understanding. Xiao-long zhang nature have long realized that, can’t let technical problem is a barrier to influence public platform development. So WeChat decided its development, but for now the effect is not good, just make the most simple voice remind, voice interface Also has not opened.

micro letter commercial launch means ma won’t xiao-long zhang left more time to solve speech technology problem, zhang in a dilemma: one is to stick to their own independent development, not with xunfei voice technology companies such as cooperation, but time can’t afford to consumption. Second, opening up and cooperation, does not affect the commercialisation of the public platform, and fear not master the key technology of a pipeline.

if not properly solve the above problem, xiao-long zhang must bear corresponding responsibility.

xiao-long zhang, you misplaced

tencent layout based on strategic considerations need to be in speech technology, can be responsible for by other team, rather than the micro letter. “This is an era of change, competition by the day, speed.” Technology research and development of small dragons are not good at it, micro letter should pay more attention on the product itself, shall be borne by the speech recognition, natural language understanding technology such as research and development is not appropriate. If delays in breakthrough, xiao-long zhang must responsibility. For his career and reputation, is bad, also don’t want to see you. “Burning”, may end up burning yourself.

have voice technology company and many, such as the hkust fly, zhongke letter, access business group hua sheng cordially, the sound of the cloud, will march, shanda, baidu, sogou and so on. WeChat choice is very big, can also purchase or strategic stakes in several companies, do not worry about dominance. WeChat need to do is to build a good platform and infrastructure, set the rules of the game, let the participants are profitable, form a benign ecosystem health.

WeChat need more open

micro letter users exceeds 300 million, ma said to commercialization, but trying to make money business, such as games, o2o, CRM system, membership card, micro group-buying is in his hand. Tencent needs to be more open attitude and a more broad minded and influx of large developers strength to forge WeChat ecosystem, preferring. WeChat is xiao-long zhang WeChat not only, also is not only a ma, tencent WeChat, but also the WeChat of society as a whole. With great power comes great responsibility.


the author in the baidu posterior WeChat copy? Article mentioned, WeChat public platform is likely to become intelligent APPStore, which is another form of super voice assistant, it represents the direction of artificial intelligence, and upgrading of existing search pattern and evolution. Articles by lee, xue barbarian industry and review and approval. Tencent’s crushing defeat on the PC search, but in the era of mobile Internet corner overtaking can be realized. Premise is to intelligence, sogou xunfei, entropy such companies cooperation, seize the strategic opportunity, advance at full speed, thus becoming the entrance of the mobile Internet era.

source: sohu IT