Xiao-long zhang: difficult to replicate the success of product manager

the author: puzzles

WeChat success makes people began to more and more attention of tencent, senior vice President, WeChat product owner xiao-long zhang, his every word every product concept is starting to affect China’s large Internet practitioners. At the same time, some aspect of xiao-long zhang has easily was amplified by the media and deviated from its original meaning.

in fact, every word the xiao-long zhang does not think himself is worthy of study product manager, he admitted that even a successful product manager is hard to replicate. Micro letter some successful practices also does not necessarily apply to other products.

the latest issue of journal of tencent, published in the product above worldview “xiao-long zhang, xiao-long zhang talked about their understanding of products on the Internet, and Internet in your own world. Here is tencent technology summary xiao-long zhang do product methodology and some wonderful view:

1. Getting the product first need is the ability to reason, humanistic care should be established on the basis of rational.

— because xiao-long zhang in a speech highlighted the humanistic care of the product, so a lot of people will do this as the criterion of the product. Although there are many places in WeChat embodied humanistic care, and humanistic care is not the main body, is not a foundation. A product can from many aspects to see, humanities is a level, and humanities does not necessarily reflect where people can see.

2. China’s Internet products into the European and American markets difficulty is very big, but due to cultural factors is a bit a bit general responsibility.

– from the phenomenon that a strong culture permeates the weak culture more easily. But from a market point of view, a leading us Internet because he first developed in China, several years earlier than China, represents the direction for the future development of China’s Internet. Do product is not from the perspective of culture, but from the perspective of demand, in European and American markets shall analyze their needs. If a Chinese Internet product can not succeed in other places, not don’t understand the culture, but don’t know the needs of users there.

3. The final product can be accepted by the market, build the atmosphere is the product.

— micro letter, Kakao Talk, and the Line belongs to a type of product, but the idea of each product is different, also has a different direction. Micro letter Facebook and circle of friends is a bit close, but also have their differences, if the difference is more and more outstanding, can form a kind of atmosphere. If someone else just refer to the function of the product, the user experience is often inadequate, user demand positioning also can appear deviation.

4. Communication will not have a fundamental answer, the nature of the evolution of the communication tools may depend on the development of technology.

— from tool level, communication seems to be satisfied now. But people will be more and more lazy, this kind of lazy cause we hope communication may be more simple, or even communicate even don’t have to move your mouth. In this sense, if the letter can do on the Google Glass, then the communication will be more efficient and easy, because as long as to talk and not to press.

5. The complex functions to make a simple product, let the user feel very simple to use.

– any product if the opportunity will want to do big, there are niche product is because he is a niche market, rather than do small on purpose. Micro letter is a communication tool, this time instead of is beautiful. Micro letter to do big and beautiful, if you cannot make a platform would die. WeChat in adding more functionality, but not bloated, interface and no big change. Micro letter public account, for example, if the user doesn’t scan qr code, it is almost there is no function for him.

6. IT is not driven by geek, in promoting the real product is the commercial company.

– geek like to drill into the technology, and does not routinely to action. But this is not reality, it is the product is in promoting commercial company. Since I write Foxmail, since so many years, product research and development of some logic is not very big change. If you have any change, that is, now of the division of labor more closely than in the past.

7. Good product managers are difficult to copy.

– now the methodology and the success is not necessarily so useful, it’s hard to do they will be able to get A B, more time is made after A has get the probability of B. Some products have change skin function, but you can’t say that the success or failure of this product is because the with or without this feature, this methodology is wrong. Do the product is very difficult to find a way can be reused.

8. Keep a small team, reducing process.

the easier – the greater the team formation process, once a process is tied to the free. And small teams can reduce process, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of all. For Internet products, product updates quickly, may be now I don’t know two months after the appearance of the product, because the two months may have very big change.

9. The team’s inner drive should be from the spirit level, intrinsic motivation from dissatisfaction with reality.

– it is very important to have goals and vision. Make a great product to make yourself happy, want to change the world, so the driver will be better than responsibility or requirements. Discontent and resistance is the most vitality. Not satisfied with just said you are very energetic, when you every day in comply with the regular, practical, you’ve lost vitality.

10. Business is dynamic, now the company can not continue to be a monopoly.

— the world is more diverse than in the past, now, you can accomplish a little creative tool for people to download. But WeChat are of one to many applications. From a user perspective, now use some mainstream products may be not better to replace it. But now do a lot of things in the future will be replaced by other products, this dynamic is very good. Nature to contrast, this is a very healthy, natural process.