Xiang-dong zhang: shanda games into the core resources to do the most mobile game

the strong rise of the smartphone to let people see the power of the mobile Internet based on PC Internet products are seeking transformation.

as Internet gaming, one of the world’s most profitable mode, in the face of the impact of the mobile Internet, will be how to deal with? Where is the end of the future? Mobile game will take the player’s entertainment time?

shanda CEO xiang-dong zhang will show you how say!

end has been rapid growth, will take quality course

baidu news: shanda games in the end, and outbound page layout will be on mobile game, than what is now three markets accounted for?

xiang-dong zhang: shanda games 2013 Q1 hand tour income reached 107 million yuan ($17 million), contributed nearly 10% of the revenue for the company . The other major are swim side income.

baidu news: shanda games started in the end, the doomsayers end sounds a lot, shanda games end to swim the performance data? Total user is growing?

xiang-dong zhang: performance is relatively stable. Side also continues to grow, just gentle and a lot of growth relative to a few years ago over multiple growth, the end market has long been a swim that fast growth period of , this is a normal market development process, I think the swimming will be more and more tend to quality development. Shanda games has been continuously introduce high quality games, attentively complete user experience, let more and more users in.

baidu news: “legend” was synonymous with grand, the contribution of this side now swim what proportion of revenue?

xiang-dong zhang: in Q1 2013, legend and legendary revenue contribution to the world is 31% and 31%.

baidu news: page in the tourism market, shanda announced last year, increasing investment, have classic case can share now?

xiang-dong zhang: page we have tried, but in the end still think mobile games have more development potential, is more suitable for us. So we put the strategic focus on mobile game.

do hand swim into the core resources, than do hand swim 5 years accounted for 50%

baidu news: said to swim, shanda games “million king Arthur” starting the day made a good feedback, after operating effect how? Achieve the expected the day into ten million yuan?

xiang-dong zhang: specific income we will do the relevant disclosure in earnings, but the game has reached our expectations , become China’s most popular game on mobile phones on the market this summer. “Millions of king Arthur” starts on July 18, after the demo, just one day with the App Store seller second, free download list first, after the game has been in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other overseas markets created outstanding achievements.

baidu news: now the need to balance the swim and swim into the critical point of the hand?

xiang-dong zhang: in the whole market development trend, the tour is the next big growth point of hand , now hand swim accounted for 20% of the entire game market income, in the next 10 years could reach 80%, even higher. Shanda games through the millions of king Arthur’s success in other parts of Asia and the domestic market, also has been basically established the most suitable for their own mobile game strategy.

shanda games will focus on the second half of the year with the hand, the company will take out the core resources to do hand tour , we will have more than 30 kind of mobile phone game gradually into the market at home and abroad, domestic tour fund hand also in the offing. In the future we will also continue to increase in hand swim in the field of investment, strive for 3-5 years, keep the cell phone game revenues accounted for more than half.

shanda determining his hands to swim strategy from three years ago , we is a veteran in the online game enterprises, the first successful completion of the tour transformation of the hand. We move in the aspects of layout and transformation, and is not to say that to reduce the swim or do not end, but rather through mobile layout of the total revenue growth.

port mature mode to swim to swim, to expand new user

baidu news: shanda is a leader in the end tour operations, in hand travel market, how to play the advantages of original? How to cover the original new users in addition to the user?

xiang-dong zhang: overall, although we swam in the field has more than 10 years of accumulation, but in the mobile space from scratch, and there were no established the transformation in the field of enterprise started to move, so we first swim some train of thought in accordance with the end, with the move to push and push end, also felt all the way, for their own mobile strategy was finally established.

I make a brief introduction of shanda games mobile strategy, in general, we use Korean holding company Actoz Soft as the center, to expand mobile game global operations of the business, let Actoz comprehensive transformation for mobile games as the core of enterprise. At the same time with Japan’s leading game companies Square Enix form a global alliance of mobile game, and is willing to take out IP resource, user, overseas channels, such as sharing, construct the grand alliance of mobile game around the world, to master a good IP.

on this basis, we combine their operational experience accumulated in the international and domestic market, to expand the vast domestic market. , to say the we do mobile game, more is to extend the new users, expand our support base. “millions of king Arthur is a good example to us through a series of activities, attracted a large number of new users from anime user .

baidu news: in the swim of some mature operation mode to transplant to swim? How to balance the relationship between free and paid?

xiang-dong zhang: I think is ok. Our promotion for the millions of king Arthur is in accordance with some ideas of PC online games, with the move to push and push end, in the marketing methods, for example, we use cartoon group as the forerunner of a series of marketing innovation, successfully created “million king Arthur” high-end brand effect, then through all aspects of social marketing and advertising, just a day with the App Store seller second, free download list first, since then have been comfortably in the rankings.

free and charge refers to the different game charging mode, the choice basically see consumer psychology and market to accept , in addition, the charging system is reasonable, whether there is a high enough price, at the same time does not affect the balance of the game, relationship to the success or failure of a game, it requires game developers have enough experience and wisdom, of course, this also is to belong to more game design level, a big topic.

content providers and channel and win-win cooperation, a major news next week

baidu news: now application channels of distribution has the trend of more and more concentrated, the hand of shanda games swimming type impact?

xiang-dong zhang: when it comes to mobile game market channel, which is recently, many in the industry are talking about the topic. On the one hand, more and more mobile game now entering QianWanYue income force, on the other hand, the market of the trap and barriers are also emerging, for instance, if the distribution of interests between channels and excellent developers not ready, it could hit the developing enthusiasm, developers can not be really settled down to do good good products, good customer service, finally the injured or users, it is a vicious circle.

so, we from the understanding of the industry and healthy development of the enterprise’s perspective, the another way, we adopted for “million” king Arthur “exclusive distribution model” the vanguard, joint promotion follow-up strategy, even more initiative, also give industry provides a new train of thought, we will use these experiences, to more developers to provide quality services, create more “million king Arthur”. Believe that, as the industry matures, the content providers and will look for the balance of interests between channels, so as to achieve the purpose of win-win cooperation .

baidu news: heard on August 20, shanda games (Tuesday) will release a mobile strategy conference, could you disclose some information in advance?

xiang-dong zhang: yes, shanda games mobile strategy conference next week we do , there will be a big news, but today is not convenient revealed ahead of time.

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