Xbox one: I’m not just video games, I am a Microsoft platform for the future

in the eyes of Microsoft, the future of TV, with the future of the PC is matter.

today, Microsoft released. This product set Microsoft equipment, game consoles, set-top boxes and other functions in one. For a “future TV”, whether it is to see a ball game, and family video calls, play games or browsing the web, only you think not, without the Xbox One do.

in fact, only the Xbox One is in the true sense of the first smart TV. You can talk about it, for example, call it “the Xbox,” after add your instruction, so that it will be done for you you want to do. Because of the built-in somatosensory devices (device) sensors, Xbox One can grasp your hand gestures and movements. In addition, because it has integrated SmartGlass service, you can also use a smartphone or tablet to control it. Are you still can’t find the remote to watch TV or play games and a bunch of keys and worries? Now, you just an action or a word, “understanding” of the Xbox One will for you in a brand new TV experience.

in fact, this new interactive experience (voice or body feeling control) we are not unfamiliar. Google for years has been committed to the development of such technologies, such as we are familiar with the Voice of the Search and the Google Now is the application of this technology. You just say “ok, glasses” or “good, Google” and so on some words, it will be able to respond to you. Apple is also actively develop the service, its virtual assistant Siri is a typical representative. In addition, recently raised $30 million Leap Motion are also make gestures to control services for the desktop, and will eventually be applied to mobile devices. Countless startups are committed to applying this technology to the TV, and two giant Google and apple also is developing (or perhaps just rumours) based on the technology of the sitting room products.

Microsoft’s Xbox gather many long, become a leader in the field of the game console. Perhaps, in the future, it will also lead the development of the whole industry products. There are a lot of people wonder why Microsoft had no choice in the E3 conference (electronic games exhibition) Xbox One, but release it today in Seattle. In fact, the reason is very simple, because the Xbox One, is not just a game console. Although it through the perfect technology, can provide the best possible experience in this aspect, but its value is far beyond the experience itself.

we learned from today’s conference, Xbox One new user interface is similar to Windows user interface, and Skype is “settled in” on the device. Been subtly placed between the user and the junction box of the Xbox One, also allows you to easily control the TV. In addition, Microsoft and the National Football League (NFL) established a strategic cooperative partnership. Popular Xbox 360 game operation platform on the market at present, basically, is inadvertently became an “integration” entertainment tool. In addition to the main function of video games, it also can let you watch Netflix, listening to music, and enjoy some other ways to entertain as additional functions.

computer from our living room and office, and develop a broad market has spent decades of time. Nowadays, computer has been integrated into the us every moment of life, it may exist in our pocket, put on our hands, in the car or put on our face. Predictably, in the near future, we use all the things will become a “class” computer products. They might be intelligent refrigerator, can also be a variety of networking equipment, as now, Microsoft and other companies can build “smart TV”. Everything in the us and our life in the shadow of the Internet, now it is time to join the field of television.

Microsoft Xbox success saw the prospects for development. At present, the Xbox 360 has sold more than 7600, ten thousand, and the products have good reputation, there will be more people to buy. Maybe you heard of “Halo” series (” Halo “franchise), the series of games have sold more than 5000 games. Microsoft will have the Xbox brand as a “blockbuster”, through which hope to promote Microsoft’s music and video services, of course, and some games related services.

, I think we’d better take the Xbox as a combination of entertainment and software of the App Store. Microsoft has a chance to spread out various services together, for instance, Amazon Instant Video member, (Amazon Prime Instant Video), Netflix, Hulu Plus, and its own Xbox Video services. Moreover, it can also put them like apple unified under a dominant platform (apple to concentrate the software release on its own app store, the video, music, books collection in the iTunes store). As a result, the Xbox One will serve as an “integrated” equipment, games, Web browsing, Skype, and users have cable services in One. Although there will be such as Apple TV (Apple TV), Roku set-top boxes and other similar products compete with Microsoft, but even when the opponent is able to offer large game service, Microsoft can still firmly sitting head above the top in the field of “living room”.

if the light on the name of it, the Xbox One seems to be just a game operation platform, play games, it is no difference between and ordinary PC. In fact, it’s to a great extent, promote the development of the operating platform, which is a revolutionary innovation in the field of the game. Then, Microsoft will be reduced to apple, Google, and other “sitting room” products to satisfy the production of small companies the same position.

the earliest Xbox perhaps can only be regarded as a game console. But gradually, it began to carry more value.