Wuhan opened the first 4 g bus: download 140 m more than a minute

in “net”, don’t sitting on the stand! Yesterday was the international telecommunications, wuhan 537 road bus all vehicles to cover 4 g networks, attracts a lot of passengers experience. The driver said: “the 4 g network speed too fast, I’m worried about the passengers into the Internet, forgot to get off.”

in the early morning yesterday, wuhan mobile, according to the monitoring data of existing 10 people in the 4 g network at the same time. “Today has just opened, the passengers are sensitive!” Responsible for the network debugging technicians jokes.

9 a.m. in the morning, the reporter in hankou han west three road on a 537 bus. Car posted eye-catching “4 g network has covered” drumbeating, according to the above hints, cell phone WIFI can work, can quickly search “CMCC” – 4 g network signals, after click, jump out of a certification page, click on the “free experience” four word, on the phone even 4 g network. Reporter phone just have 7 software need to upgrade, just spend 1 minute to be full upgrade, total flow of about 140 MB. At ordinary times with 3 g network or router set the WiFi network in the home, speak little also to spend four or five minutes. A passenger with a laptop, 88 seconds to download the movie.

wuhan mobile company general manager li, 537 road has become a central China first 4 g bus, hankou, hanyang, three towns of wuchang, will be free of 4 g of citizens experience from public indoor Spaces such as the home to outdoor, take the tablets and laptops get in the car, can also be used.

yesterday morning, and opened 4 g bus 537 bus, broad distribution of 26 bus stops, total length of 25.6 kilometers, covering mobile 4 g signal, can also meet dozens of online access to the Internet users.