Wu kuang sheng has a box? Talk about the future of the Chinese search

the topic of search engine suddenly hot after Chinese New Year, people’s search management adjustment, or sogou acquisition search, transfer and 360 and baidu docking fda database… Lurk behind every news search giants. And these mean for the Chinese search industry competition into a new stage, which is from pure “around a box” to “created by box” or “search” frameless era. We might as well first step back and review the evolution of China’s search market of attack and defense of a few big players, to think about the direction of the future will be.

the familiar search engine, abstract generalization is a black box – this is the user input information, on the other side is the result of this black box spit out feedback, where the search engine’s ability in different black box. This “input-output” interaction habits can be said to be the computer from the mainframe development to today’s personal computers continues to approach; Search engine, just before the final end on each row blinking prompt and placed into a web page in the middle of a watch will want to type the search box, this also is the so-called “search box”, the origin of “box computing” — the search box as artifact worship, believe that all the information can be from the “box” entry, and then tell you the why by search engines.

if the world really according to the logical development of the universe, the other search engines can wash the sleep, because in jiangshan patent innovation experience of the domestic market products do not have any real sense of protection, and the product contact with the user’s “shelf” – that is, the entrance to the contest makes the strong stronger. To analogy with an example of fast consumer goods industry, and this is why while you occasionally saw several new beverage advertising each year, but it didn’t take long dead a hackney-coach, in addition to taste could be largely because they have no living channel, and Coca-Cola, wahaha and unified rob shelf is really difficult. In other words, if the search players want to pursue, to guarantee the search experience don’t be too shocking (make sure you drink tastes not smell), the core work Channel is occupied has a large user base. In the battle for the past few years, and according to the following tips demanded bagels:

the first step: set around the box. chaser’s own home visits to slow to ascend, you need to jump out of this site in the search box to think what else – to go where the flow is an box, such as various types of portal, local websites, BBS community with all the search box, of course not everyone less popular navigation website search box, and these two years more popular video sharing site on outsourcing search box (see the sowing and the thunderbolt fast search are respectively 360 and sogou). In this matter, do one of the most successful is baidu, hao123 let Google to understand the importance of 265 navigation, of course, whether the U.S. headquarters to understand don’t know.

step 2: build box on its own. when you can find all the package box, there will always be richer than you opponent package, you can think of some way to go toward outside again jump a layer, namely the browser. Because the user besides found in the web search box input, on the browser and can do two things: to become the browser’s default search, when Chrome brings the search box and address of the frame and a browser industry standard, there will be more users directly from the address bar to knock keyword search; Or, set to start the default homepage for browsing device, and the front page of the search box is their own, of course, is only a white page frame’s practical value for ordinary users, or as navigation station, which is why 360 can depend on the browser and set out a safe navigation home page, and the search box default is its own research and development of “comprehensive search”, this made the preliminary layout browser has the most direct search realizable value. Three-stage rocket is the earliest sogou wang xiaochuan, use input method with a browser, use the browser search, the stage seemed more than any other browser as stage client tool more directly, can say that the browser is a nuclear weapon, not words Is passive, the experiment even if another ban you play, you must also be figured out.

Third step:

virtual desktops. for miss the browser search company can only continue to jump a layer, thinking if not browser this die device, what is the chance – the answer is the desktop operating system. Inspiration from the iOS interface, making apple Mac OS X version of the last two years in increased the launch pad, when users click on the button, the whole Mac desktop became like the charmingly – all functions are structured into icon, that is tencent and 360 in the past two years trying to Q + and 360 security desktop. That is to say, if you can’t put the box on others in the browser, and can’t do your own operating system, we can make a new layer between layers, with beautiful application task to simplify the user’s PC demand, and at the same time, keep on this layer to capture user may search requirements. Is currently on the virtual desktop users to search the scene demand still doubt, part of the desktop project rumor has been transferred to operational status check new development. Perhaps this similar layers of nested inception, seems to have come to an end (see below).

figure: the search giant’s struggle, in fact, all the way from the page frame hit the surface of the operating system

step 4: no search “box”. search and new opportunities? Back to the search engine again black box of the origin. The information input mode of the Chinese users on the PC is not a mouse and keyboard two kinds, which means the cursor and Chinese input method. For the former, if it is possible by the user for the mouse ZhiXuan area to represent the search keywords calibration information input? A few years ago pigs plugin cross word search, search the network youdao dictionary word advice from screen technology have a try in this respect, but from the perspective of mouse, the word from the search information input has also had some limitations, such as unable to distinguish between user mouse hover subconsciously or really have search demand on it? And that the user wants to search the word may only be seen from a particular word and sudden lenovo, but not hooked the word is the cursor. And, of course, is that this kind of judgment requires good fuzzy logic, but so far the contents of the context judgment is still not satisfactory, has speculated that the user search intention than the input to the fuzzy a lot.

for input method, can be said to be an Chinese characteristics under the specific needs of Internet users in a particular opportunity. Because no matter in any frame, the cursor flashing when you type in Chinese must be to pass the input method. To see from this Angle, sogou input method in this stage, not just a browser to promote own brand popularization based tool, but there is a natural logic to complete the mission of information input. When you have no choice, on the front steps for Chinese input method the unique value makes its energy to explode again. Remember a few years ago sogou input method had small try, now the machine and product more mature experience, may become a man without a deadly weapon I have. Someone would dispute that, don’t I type you kept pop-up search results for me? Of course not, the search of domestic manufacturers have long past the frivolous age, but to stand in the perspective of the user experience points to redesign — may display relevant results on certain keywords, and by the user to decide whether to further expand the search results page. In fact as long as users experience enough smooth, this might be a very natural transition. Consider, in certain situations, users can start the search immediately typing, it is faster than open a browser to find a search box for a second. And sogou also can therefore can jump out of the browser wars, as long as you are using the computer, it refers to follow dynamic search to search it.

if we put the eyes have to far away, just discussed are PC search input, so mobile phone? It must be admitted that, because the screen size smaller and interactive way to touch, mobile phone of the Chinese character input more cramped inconvenience than PCS, of course it is proved that phones the necessity of developing better use third-party input method. But the screen space limitations, and makes the information input a new way – voice recognition and cameras. This is why the sogou speech aides, baidu speech aides, hkust xunfei these applications in Siri boom force layout of backwardness reasons; While including camera recognition by relatively simple bar codes and qr code identification, as well as the more advanced step – the film image feature extraction and recognition, amazon in a few years ago to develop the A9 search and Google experimental products have the articles or scene photos in the Goggles, automatically extract information and attempt to complete the search. The search giant is very understand, when the search into the mouth from PC to mobile phone, the information interaction way also have changed dramatically.

photo: Google goggles paints of mobile visual search future

the latest rumours sogou search merge and tencent, we temporarily not to judge true and false rumors. But it is conceivable that this is not because the search technology, team or server… These are not sogou lack at the moment, maybe it will be considering to find a stage in the mobile Internet, which requires a target may be a large user base, have a voice input of mobile applications, as a new stage of the preparation tank? Imagine space is very large.

when search to mobile phones, but also leads to two points: one is in the access to information will be more easily than the entry of the PC collection for seekers of specific information, because the phone like grenades to carry, so LBS information will make the results of the same person in different regions is different, and depending on the individual search habits and past bring people search the same content personalization (will search around the restaurant, because once more a few times have been to a restaurant, and recommended me another similar tastes restaurant? Please have a look at just alike Yahoo bought by this latest example). Another change is the information output, all above are information input, actually on information output and AR (Augment Reality) more closely the augmented Reality, if you played the game Google new ingress or jump in the air in the science fiction film a translucent screen has a special liking, however, should be interactive interface of the future is full of joy and anticipation.

in retrospect search today, whether it is input method, phonetic assistants or browser, jumped out of the traditional sense of the “search”, and try to build a more diverse search experience. Wu kuang search is heading for “future”, even “passive waiting for input” the logic of the search engine, could become a “heart” of the machine to help you predict the future. If the browser can already according to your reading, the content of the active perception to make recommendations, next Search and cable (Search and Get) will no longer be so pure causality, progressive type or revolutionary type of Search innovation will gradually in the browser the ship class of large screen projection.

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