WSJ: blackberry BBM department plans to split, set up independent company BBM. Inc

according to, the blackberry company is planning to BBM (Black Berry messenger, a cooked up by blackberry communications applications), as an independent company. It is understood that the company name is “BBM. Inc. In addition, the blackberry will also to the newly established BBM company, and send some executives, in order to continue to develop BBM application.

so far, the blackberry official did not, the reports and comments.

Sept. 11 although brought endless disaster to the people of the United States, but also to a certain extent, blackberry good word of mouth. However, after the arrival of a mobile Internet era, the blackberry company has hindsight after too. Haynes and blackberry understand, once the fame cannot bring permanent development after this truth, the blackberry launched its own mobile BB10 smartphone operating platform, and a named BBM instant messaging applications.

though both were outside and blackberry company had high hopes, but is hardly recognised by the market. By contrast, in terms of smartphone system, iOS, Android chanting, control the market leadership position; But even the much-maligned WP also from behind. On the other hand,. So far, WhatsApp more active users already broke through 250 million, as a direct competitor BBM Kik also reached $80 million, the number of registered users WeChat from China and Japan in the Line is more fierce competition in global market. BBM number of users to 60 million and is expected to formally in the login after the Android platform, will also have more users.

a blackberry spokesman said: “we believe that BBM on Android and iOS platform has great potential for growth.”

foreign science and technology media TechCrunch article argues that BBM be split out for two reasons: one is to increase BBM exposure, compete with formation such as WhatsApp; The second is to make acquisitions in order to attract investors.

it is understood that after the news was revealed, the blackberry’s shares fell 2% yesterday.