WSJ: apple iPhone 5 c production cuts, improve 5 s capacity

according to, apple has the iPhone supplier to China put forward a new delivery requirements, to reduce iPhone5C emphatically introduced before production. Current market situation, this is mainly because the consumer enthusiasm for the iPhone 5 c lower than expected. Apple’s iPhone 5 c is mainly to the high prices of the iPhone 5 extend the iPhone at a — just the same as the previous apple have done to the iPhone 4 and 4 s pricing strategy. At the same time, the plastic shell configuration of the iPhone 5 c for apple has brought more profit margins.

now sold for apple iPhone 5 c is not too bad, but obviously, consumers of apple iPhone 5 c response is not as expected. The Wall Street journal quoted in the same report foxconn executives, shows that apple intends to increase the iPhone 5 s production.

according to the Wall Street journal, the iPhone 5 c shipments will reduce in the fourth quarter. And to realize the shipments will be reduced 20% and foxconn received orders will be reduced by 33%. Of course, this information will not be able to judge the wisdom of the apple iPhone 5 c strategy. After all, iPhone5C had expected shipments under the condition of unknown, who also cannot say what the iPhone 5 c is a successful product.