Write: before the dust settles on a new generation of the iPhone, we can know everything

since January this year, about apple will launch two New iPhone rumours were frequent. (Beijing time) 9 on 11 1:00, all about a New generation of iPhone the speculation, speculation will be settled. However, before that, it is necessary for us to help you in this noisy chaos media stream, comb out a comparatively clear and relatively accurate facts. Of course, to the objective comprehensive information, which also inevitably has some prediction.

iPhone 5 s : appearance changed little

now, a New generation of apple’s flagship mobile phone should be the iPhone 5 s . And from the perspective of the habit of apple mobile phone, general suffix is S the flagship model, it is against the generation of iPhone of innovation, especially in the aspect of hardware configuration. For example, the iPhone 3 gs and the iPhone 4 s , and to a large extent inherited generation iPhone , screen and so on. Dream of the user, however, need not disappointed, inheritance is not equal to no surprise. A New generation of iPhone will launch New iOS7 system, its much flatter, colorful style may be able to meet your hope.

apple is a New product line: make sure to launch the the iPhone 5 c

cheap version iPhone be entitled the iPhone 5 c . Media widely recognized, apple’s move to further open the emerging markets. the iPhone 5 c of C on behalf of the “color”, means that it will be and iPod , colour diversity, young sport route.

Sonny Dickson, the iPhone 5 c will use the plastic shell. So far, the media about the iPhone 5 c configuration report to: 4 inch screen, with the iPhone 5 roughly the same processor, support LTE .

fingerprint identification function: a New generation of iPhone one of the largest in terms of function expect

although there is no definite evidence that a New generation of iPhone with fingerprint recognition function, can many rumours suggesting that the rumor is relatively reliable. Technically, apple had bought the company has a number of mobile phone security technology patent . Apple is likely to incorporate the company’s technology to a new generation of products.

in addition, earlier media reports, in the iOS7 beta found suspected fingerprint identification function code. Not only that, but always with accurate forecasts new apple products, and is known for being kgi analyst Zhang Chiming, also confirmed the news.

some of the recent forecasts pointed out that a New generation of iPhone will use fingerprint lock screen. Some analysis thinks that this function will also be used to improve the security of mobile payment. More reports, however, think that this function will be and home keys together, and use with the iphone 5 lens consistent sapphire material.

camera: the more pixels, the larger the aperture, double flashlight

early reports say the iPhone 5 s on the camera will not make change. However, recent media consensus forecasts of a New generation of iPhone camera configuration will show some obvious changes. The first is the pixel, from the iPhone 5 800 mega pixels to 1200-1300 all pixels. The second is the aperture, 2.0 aperture allows the iPhone 5 s , obtain more sufficient light. The third is the flash light, media consensus forecast the iPhone 5 s will adopt double flash light, so that you can build a better being. In addition, there are some people, in order to adapt to different lighting conditions, apple will introduce two kinds of different colors of flash.

4 kinds of color to choose break the traditional the iPhone 5 s

A New generation